Robert Kimmel

Associate Professor
Director, CEFPACK
Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department

Office: 232 Poole
Phone: 864-313-0922
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

Sc.D. Materials Engineering
M.I.T. 1968

Mat.E. Materials Engineering
M.I.T. 1967

M.S. Unspecified
M.I.T. 1965

B.S. Materials Engineering
M.I.T. 1964

 Courses Taught

Package Design and Development (current)
Packaging Career Preparation (current)
Applications of Polymers in Packaging
Converting for Flexible Packaging
Flexible Packaging (graduate level)
Semi-rigid Packaging (graduate level)


More than fifty years’ experience working with polymers and more than forty years’ experience with packaging
Thirty+ years industry experience and fifteen+ years university experience researching, developing, marketing and teaching films, fibers, polymers, structure, properties and processing of plastics, laminations, plastic container technologies, and plastic, paper and corrugated packaging, including design, materials selection and manufacturing for a wide variety of end uses.
Retained as an expert witness in more than 50 cases, of which 70% were IP litigation (district courts and IPRs).
Holder of six U.S. and 4 international patents.

 Research Interests

Current research focuses on environmental impact of packaging, paperboard packaging and packaging of aggressive, volatile chemicals. Prior research in multi-layer and blended polymer films and pouches, liquid crystal polymers, polyester films and bottles, polyacrylonitrile and cellulosic fibers and graphite fibers.

 Extension and Outreach

Director, Clemson University Center for Flexible Packaging (an industry-university consortium providing a broad range of materials and package preparation and testing services to the flexible packaging industry)


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Life Cycle Assessment of Grocery Bags in Common Use in the United States (eBook)
Rubin/Anders Scientific (expert witnesses)