Katie Rishebarger

4-H Science on the Move Coordinator
4-H Youth Development Program Team, Chester County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Chester
Phone: 803-385-6181
Email: korishe@clemson.edu
Personal Website: www.scionthemove.org


 Educational Background

M.S. Youth Development Leadership
Clemson University (pending graduation in 2017)

B.S. Science Communications
Winthrop University 2013


Inspiring today's youth through science education.

Through my current initiative, 4-H Science on the Move, I hope to make an impact in science education in communities and schools across South Carolina and inspire more students to get involved in the sciences.

My inspiration is the "aha" moment- where a child makes a connection or gets excited about what they're learning. I have a passion for sharing knowledge and working with kids, which is what has kept me working with the 4-H since I was a teenager.

 Research Interests

The adult's role in mentoring youth, peer-to-peer youth mentoring

 Extension and Outreach

My Extension initiative is 4-H Science on the Move. The initiative aims to increase students’ exposure to and interest in STEM subjects and STEM careers, give students the skills to prepare for STEM careers, teach students the life skills/soft skills that they will need to be successful workers and citizens, and encourage youth to become catalysts of positive change. These efforts combine to cultivate positive youth development for the youth who will become the prepared workforce that South Carolina needs to expand existing industries and attract new businesses.


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