Gracie Anderson

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department



 Educational Background

M.S. Animal Behavior and Welfare
Virginia Tech 2021

B.S. Animal and Poultry Sciences
Virginia Tech 2019

 Courses Taught

AVS 4100 Domestic Animal Behavior

 Research Interests

Gracie's research focuses on laying hen welfare and investigating how housing design can improve hen welfare. More specifically, determining the effect of environmental enrichment on pullet behavior, fear, and anxiety. Additional areas of interest include: effectiveness of differing perch designs on pullet behavior and activity, location preferences for environmental enrichments, developing species-specific cognitive bias tests, and determining animal affective state following manipulation of environmental conditions.


Anderson, M.G., Campbell, A.M., Crump, A., Arnott, G., Newberry, R.C., Jacobs, L. (2021). Effect of environmental complexity and stocking density on fear and anxiety in broiler chickens. Animals, 11, 2383.

Anderson, M.G., Campbell, A.M., Crump, A., Arnott, G., Jacobs, L. (2021). Environmental complexity positively impacts affective states of broiler chickens. Scientific Reports, 11, 16966.

Jacobs, L., Bourassa, D.V., Boyal, R.S., Harris, C.E., Bartenfeld Josselson, L.N., Campbell, A., Anderson, G., Buhr, R.J. (2021). Animal welfare assessment of on-farm euthanasia methods for individual, heavy turkeys. Poultry Science, 100(3), e100812.