Mimi Jenkins

Graduate Research Assistant
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department, Coastal Research and Education Center

Office: Coastal REC
Email: miriamj@clemson.edu
Personal Website: http://mimijenkins.wixsite.com/mysite


 Educational Background

MS Biology
University of Akron 2014

BA Environmental Studies/French
University of Pittsburgh 2009


I am a second year PhD student at Clemson University in the Wildlife Biology program. My advisers are Merle Shepherd at CREC and Rob Baldwin at Clemson.

 Research Interests

I am generally interested in the fields of conservation biology, applied ecology, and restoration ecology.
My current research explores how to enhance agro-ecosystems to attract native pollinators and improve crop yield. I am specifically focused on whether planting wildflowers in watermelon fields can improve native bee diversity, abundance and pollination services to watermelon on farms. Previous research has shown that native bees can provide sufficient pollination services without the need for domestic bees if certain conditions on the farm are met.

 Extension and Outreach

I have been involved in outreach with the Greenville and Charleston County Public Libraries and Charleston Parks Conservancy since starting my PhD. I am currently looking for more outreach opportunities. I am also a student representative for Cano Palma Research Station in Costa Rica and give talks to local university students. Member of Charleston Area Beekeepers Association.


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