Meredith Morris

Assistant Professor
Genetics and Biochemistry Department

Office: LSF Room 251B
Phone: 864-656-0367


 Educational Background

PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Georgia 2000

 Research Interests

My lab works on Kinetoplastid parasites, which cause African trypanosomiasis, Chagas Disease and Leishmaniasis. Treatments for these diseases are insufficient and the increasing development of drug resistance make finding new drug targets essential. We work to define molecular pathways that regulate parasite specific biology. Such knowledge is essential in the development of treatments that kill the parasite and reducing the effects on the host.

Kinetoplastid parasites have unique membrane bounded organelles called glycosomes that compartmentalize metabolic pathways. They are essential to parasite survival but our limited knowledge about their biology hinders our ability to exploit these organelles for therapeutics. We use a number of experimental approaches to learn about how these organelles are made, how they multiply, and how they respond to environmental and developmental cues. Understanding these processes will reveal new pathways that contain novel drug targets.


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Bauer, S, Conlon, M, Morris, M. Using fluorescent-organelle reporter systems to study glycosome dynamics in African trypanosomes (2014) Journal of Visualized Experimentation. Aug 19;(90):e51647.doi: 10.3791/51647

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Lin, S.; Morris, M.T.; Ackroyd, P.C.; Morris, J.C.; Christensen, K.A.Peptide targeted delivery of pH sensor for quantitative measurements of intraglycosomal pH in live Trypanosoma brucei(2013) Biochemistry 52 (21) 3629-37

Coley, A, Dodson, H, Morris, M, Morris J. Glycolysis in the African Trypanosome: Targeting Enzymes and their Subcellular Compartments for Therapeutic Development. (2011) Molecular Biology International, doi:10.4061/2011/123702

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