Josh Weaver

Agriculture Compliance Specialist
Public Service Activities, Department of Pesticide Regulation

Phone: 864-646-2173


 Educational Background

M.S. Plant & Environmental Science
Clemson University 2017

 Courses Taught

Clemson Extension Turf School- 2016- present
Grower Meetings in Anderson County- 2016-present
Pesticide Calibration classes with Clemson Extension- 2016-present


I have worked in an agriculture regulatory role for seven years. Five of those years have been at Clemson Dept. of Pesticide Regulation and the two years prior to that I was an inspector for the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture. Prior to becoming an agriculture regulatory inspector I worked in the landscape and nursery industry for ten years. I am a commissioner with the Anderson County Soil and Water District and I have served with this board for the past three years.

 Research Interests

I am currently working on my PhD at Clemson and my adviser is Dr. Bert McCarty. I am researching bio-stimulants and the affects they have on turf grass.

 Extension and Outreach

I educate honeybee keepers on the rules and regulations that the Dept. of Pesticide Regulation enforces and about the honeybee hive locator tool. This is a tool they can use to log the location of their hives so that applicators are aware of where hives are located. I also educate applicators on ways they can inform honeybee keepers about upcoming pesticide applications that will be made near their hives and this is done through showing applicators the commercial beekeepers spray alert program. I speak at various programs and my topics range from: what to expect during a pesticide inspection, proper use of pesticides, following the label, etc. I also work with growers that purchase and apply Dicamba products and I educate them on the proper use and record keeping requirements.


M.S. Thesis- "Comparison of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity using Geospatial Analysis of Field and SSURGO data for septic tank suitability assessment"

"Estimating Plant Available Water in the Ap Horizon Using Geospatial Analysis of Field and SSURGO Data"