Samuel Martin

Horticulture Program Team, Agricultural and Environmental Science Department, PeeDee Research and Education Center

Office: Pee Dee Research and Education
Phone: 843-519-0460


 Educational Background

1982 North Carolina State University
Plant Pathology Ph.D.

1978 University of Arkansas
Plant Pathology M.S.

1976 Hendrix College
Biology B.A.

 Courses Taught

Diseases and Insects of Turfgrass


Dr. Martin is the research and extension turfgrass pathologist for South Carolina. He has been active in turf research, extension and teaching for the past 22 years with Clemson University.

 Research Interests

Dr. Martin’s programs include research and extension programs on fungicide performance, disease identification and management, and nematode management in commercial turfgrass systems.

 Extension and Outreach

Dr. Martin supports the turfgrass industry in the state and region through seminars, workshops, recommendations and personal contacts. These efforts are aimed at golf course, sod businesses, lawn and landscape, and athletic fields.


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