Stephen Compton

Enviromental Heath Manager
Imported Fire Ant - Invasive Species Coordinator
Public Service Activities, Regulatory Programs, Department of Plant Industry, Invasive Species Program, Nursery Licensing, Organic Program

Office: 511 Westinghouse Road, Pendleton, SC
Phone: 864-646-2140
Fax: 864-646-2178


 Educational Background

B.S. Biology
Presbyterian College


Grant administration
Invasive species identification and control
Statewide program management (fire ant compliance, invasive species eradication, noxious weed survey)
Implementation of state and federal regulations.
Investigation of violations of state and federal regulations
Supervising survey specialists
Conducting certified organic crop and livestock inspections

 Research Interests

Cooperator in multi-state project to establish bio-control for red imported fire ant

 Extension and Outreach

State Lead in Cogongrass eradication and outreach program
Established red imported fire ant federal quarantine outreach program