Wesam Al-Jeddawi

Ph.D. Candidate
Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department

Office: 222 Life Science Building, Clemson University
Phone: 864-625-8413
Email: waljedd@clemson.edu


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences
Clemson University 2022

M.S. Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences
Clemson University 2014

B.S. Food Science and Biotechnology
University of Baghdad 2007


Wesam Al-Jeddawi is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences at Clemson University. His research was funded by the Electrolux appliance company which focused on the frozen preservation of salmon and peaches. He received a master’s degree in food, nutrition, and culinary sciences from Clemson University in 2014 (Latin Honor: Cum Laude). His career niche at the interface of academia and food industries from 2008 to the present. He worked at the University of Baghdad from 2008 to 2016 as a lecturer for food microbiology, food and dairy industries, and meat processing. Then, he worked as a graduate teaching assistant, graduate research assistant, and product testing laboratory analyst for the Food2Market program at Clemson University from August 2016 to April 2018. He has held numerous leadership roles at DiscoverFresh Foods Inc. (Formerly Duke Foods) from April 2018 to the present including director of quality assurance, food scientist and consultant, director of laboratory and scientific research, and currently an executive director of laboratory services. He is a member of the editorial board in the journal of food research (The Canadian Center of Science and Education, Canada) and Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ), United States.

 Research Interests

Frozen preservation of salmon and peaches; enzymatic browning and inhibitors, clean label products development; shelf-life studies of frozen and refrigerated products.


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