2014 Horticulture Internship Placements

Terry Anderson Clemson senior, horticulture major The Budd Group, the Reserve at Lake Keowee,  Sunset, South CarolinaTerry Anderson
Clemson senior, horticulture major
The Budd Group, the Reserve at Lake Keowee, 
Sunset, South Carolina

This summer I completed my internship working with The Budd Group at The Reserve at Lake Keowee in scenic Sunset, South Carolina. The Budd Group maintains 1,400 green acres on 3,900 sprawling acres of a gated community in the beautiful South Carolina foothills. Within the Reserve are 100 miles of roads, sites for up to 1,600 homes, a community village and an amphitheater that faces Lake Keowee. This summer I performed landscape maintenance duties that included mowing, weed eating, back pack blowing, pruning, plant installation/maintenance and customer/client relations. It was an extreme physical undertaking that can challenge even the most physically fit. This internship summons all the accumulated knowledge and experience horticulture major can bring forth. A well rounded, hard driven individual can greatly benefit from this experience as it covers the wide ranged spectrum of what landscape maintenance requires. This experience with the Budd Group and The Reserve at Lake Keowee further inspires me to push forward ever harder with my career pursuits and the endless possibilities within the horticulture industry.

Alexandra Carver  Junior  Sunken Gardens in Saint Petersburg, FLAlexandra Carver
Sunken Gardens in Saint Petersburg, FL

My name is Alex Carver and I am entering my junior year as a horticulture major at Clemson University. I spent this past summer in Saint Petersburg, Florida working at Sunken Gardens. I spent a majority of time maintaining and improving the appearance of the gardens. I also specialized in orchid care, which became my favorite part of the internship. It was a lot of hard work, but I learned a lot and the experience increased my confidence in working with tropical plants.

Ashley Clayton  Rising Senior  Mt. Cuba Center, Hockessin, DEAshley Clayton
Rising Senior
Mt. Cuba Center, Hockessin, DE

Hi! My name is Ashley Clayton, and I will be a senior this year studying biology and horticulture. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to work at a native botanical garden called Mt. Cuba Center up in Delaware. I rotated between working in the greenhouse and the trial garden. In the greenhouse, my duties included watering, repotting, collecting and sowing seed, transplanting, and propagating by cuttings. In the trial garden, I evaluated plants for their use in a garden setting along with their ecological benefits. On Fridays, we would take field trips to other gardens and nurseries. It was wonderful to live on-site and be constantly surrounded by nature. Also, the people there treated me like family. It was truly an amazing and unique experience!

Casey Dickerson  Rising Junior  Charlie’s Creek Nursery Iva, SCCasey Dickerson
Rising Junior
Charlie’s Creek Nursery Iva, SC

My name is Casey Dickerson, this summer I went to a nursery in my home town, Charlie’s Creek Nursery. In my work there I did many different tasks including fertilizing, pruning trees, planting trees, sheering, digging trees and preparing them for sale, delivering trees, and even picking up rocks. I learned many new things including how a tree is produced for sale and how a large nursery is ran. Most days the work was very challenging, however I found my time at Charlie’s Creek to be very educational and rewarding.

Kathy Hollifield  Senior  Micro Analytical, Mauldin, SCKathy Hollifield
Micro Analytical, Mauldin, SC

This summer, I worked at Micro Analytical in Mauldin, SC. Micro Analytical is a private forensics lab. During this internship, I created a botanical slide collection of over 100 slides, organized the standards collection (pure samples used to compare against unknown samples), analyzed and identified illegal drugs (cocaine and marijuana), analyzed fibers (cotton, polyester, linen and acrylic) and performed tests on water samples. I learned how to properly mount samples onto slides using the appropriate mounting oils, view samples using the appropriate lighting conditions and how to identify unknown white powders using chemical microscopy (analyzing samples on slides using various chemicals). To identify samples, I used chemical techniques, polarized light microscopy (using a microscope with special filters), ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry (UV-VIS) (using ultra-violet and visible light to identify samples) and infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) (using infrared light to identify samples). Even though it was detailed work, it was fun working at Micro Analytical.

Phil Huff
Rising Senior
Woodley’s Garden Center

I am Phil Huff, currently preparing to enter my senior year at Clemson. My internship was at Woodley’s Garden Center of Irmo, SC. During my internship, I was able to travel to various parts of the midlands in order to perform various landscaping tasks. The picture attached in this document is from a customer’s property (Dr. Bledsoe) located in Whitmire, SC. We made several trips to this property to perform various projects. The picture included shows a bed location next to their pool where we cut out sod, and then installed various perennials (lantana, oleander, liriope, etc.) in addition to some large planters (featuring banana trees). This jobsite came to be one of my overall favorite experiences during the 10+ weeks I spent at Woodley’s. I not only enjoyed the projects that we completed here, but also the customer interactions. I will remember this place fondly, as the various projects here involve many aspects of my horticultural knowledge.

Frank Lamson-Scribner
Rising senior
Carolina Panthers Landscape and Grounds

Interning at the Carolina Panther’s stadium has been quite the experience. The stadium in downtown Charlotte includes the game field, two bermuda grass practice fields and one artificial, and 30 acres of landscapes and hardscapes. The landscape surrounds included tall fescue which Jerry Richardson the owner wanted pushed mowed with 21” decks. This took a lot of Monday and Friday morning. Working on both the sports fields with mowing and aerification as well as beautiful landscaped surrounds has led to a very diverse work opportunity. Mowing turf and planting annual beds was a big part of the job. Watering potted plants and applying fungicides to the annual beds to prevent disease was great experience with chemicals in the greens industry. The internship was a great time!

John Mark Lawton
Musser Fruit Research Farm, Seneca, SC

This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Clemson at Musser Fruit Research Farm. I have come away with new knowledge and hands on experience from a farm and research center connected with our very own Clemson University. Being able to stay local, save gas and rent by living next to the farm at The Treehouse at Seneca, this past summer will be memorable for years to come. While at Musser, I worked with but not limited to irrigation installation and repair, cracking peach pits, fertilizing young trees, budded the new peach trees in the nursery, help run peaches through the lab and of course, just plain ol’ pickin peaches. Over all, I would highly recommend the internship to anyone interested in working hard, learning from the pros, and eating sweet, delicious, South Carolinian peaches.

Inman Love
Rising Senior
Brookgreen Gardens, Pawleys Island SC

My name is Inman Love, and I conducted my internship at Brookgreen Gardens in Pawleys Island SC. During my internship, I worked with the horticulture staff of Brookgreen Gardens on various projects in the gardens. The majority of the time I worked outside planting, designing and maintaining the vast acreage of gardens. I was even able to help plant and care for the 60 thousand caladium bulbs which were showcased throughout the property. While working at Brookgreen Gardens I made many great connections with the staff and learned so much during my time there. My internship at Brookgreen gardens was a great experience and one I will not soon forget.

Alexa McCullen
Rising Junior
Tryon Palace, New Bern, NC

This summer, after completing my sophomore year, I worked as an intern at Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC. New Bern was established in 1710 and served as the state capitol from 1747 until 1794. Tryon Palace functioned as the governor’s mansion and the site of the state general assembly meetings. The Palace now sits on 14 acres of property with 13 individual gardens and surrounding trees and lawns. My daily duties varied greatly but can be encompassed by saying, “I gardened”. I pulled weeds, trimmed hedges, dead headed blooms, harvested vegetables, spread hay and pine straw, and anything else needed in the maintenance of the ornamental and vegetable gardens. I was also included in administrative meetings and educational program planning. The experience was one to remember and I will continue to pursue my future in historic landscape preservation and restoration thanks to a great internship this summer!

Melissa McIntyre
Graduating Senior
Bradshaw’s Farm in Six Mile, SC

My name is Mel McIntyre. I went to Six Mile SC, where I worked to plant, maintain and harvest a 2.5 acre vegetable farm. Dr. Bradshaw was open-hearted and informative from the second I arrived: He patiently shares information from the ground up to ensure I learn at my own pace. Without his years of experience shared with me over the summer, I most certainly would have taken years to learn what I know now. What did I do? I mostly killed bugs, dug up crabgrass and tried to scare away pigs, but despite the work it was a great experience. I learned about pest identification and response, planting skills, problem solving, and time management. I would love to be able to share information like this with others. The information is great, but the method of learning can be the best part.

Steven Meadows
Rising Senior
BWI in Greer, SC

My name is Steven Meadows and I am Horticulture major at Clemson University. I did my internship at BWI in Greer, South Carolina. BWI is a wholesale distributor of horticultural products like seed, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. I had a great experience there working in all of the departments of the business. I worked in the warehouse loading and unloading trucks. I then worked in the transportation department, where I routed trucks and road with the drivers on deliveries. Working in these departments taught me the inventory and allowed me to get to know the customers. I then worked in inside and outside sales, which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed interacting with the customers and making the sales. I really enjoyed the satisfaction it gave me to get customers what they needed and make the company money. Everyone that worked at BWI was very kind and always there for me if I needed help. This internship was a great experience and very educational.

T. J. Mings
Austin Outdoor, West Palm Beach, FL

My name is T. J. Mings I am a Senior Horticulture major at Clemson University. This past summer I had an amazing experience working for Austin Outdoor in West Palm Beach, Fl. I spent most of my time maintaining a $1.5 million contract in a residential area called Village Walk which had 954 homes. I worked under my mentor Sueanna Nelson learning the roles of how to be an account manager while also working with the maintenance crews, irrigation, and also spending days with my branch manager seeing how they gain new contracts for the company. Every day was a new adventure on the job site whether it was planting, looking at homes for new enhancements, or just simply working with the maintenance to help them complete their weekly duties. I really enjoyed my wonderful experience with Austin Outdoor they really taught me a lot and I can definitely use what I learned in my career field in the near future.

Jason Scott
Bartlett Tree Experts in Hilton Head Island, SC

My name is Jason Scott and I am a senior horticulture major at Clemson University. This past summer I had the opportunity to work for Bartlett Tree Experts in Hilton Head Island, SC. Throughout the summer I participated in all the tasks associated with urban tree care. During my time in integrated pest management and plant health care I sprayed fertilizer, insecticide, insect growth regulators, and fungicides. I also conducted several root collar excavations and removed stem-girdling roots from trees. While working on the tree crew much of my time was spent on the ground hauling brush from tree pruning and chipping the removed debris in a wood chipper. Throughout the course of the summer I was able to participate in cabling and bracing, installing lightning protection systems, large and small tree removals, and climbing. I absolutely loved climbing in live oaks, particularly those that afforded a view of the Atlantic Ocean. I gained valuable insight into the commercial arboriculture industry. I would highly recommend this internship to any student who thinks they may be interested in working in this field upon graduation.

Drew Stevens
 Kiawah Island Golf Resort

My name is Drew Stevens. I am from John’s Island, South Carolina. This past summer I worked for Kiawah Island Golf Resort in the Landscaping department. I spent most of my time working at the Sanctuary Hotel within the resort. It was a great experience working within a high-end landscape. I spent my time working with irrigation, turf care, spraying, installations, and tree care. I learned that the resort style landscaping is different from normal production landscaping. We put more time into the property to make it truly perfect. By the end of the summer I had learned many new life lessons in Horticulture.

Andrew H. Thomas
The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

I am a junior in Horticulture at Clemson University. I spent this summer in Boston, MA interning at The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. I worked with a highly skilled group of Horticulture Technicians, Arborists, and Staff. I worked in formal gardens with rare plant collections, as well as, naturalized areas that required much less rigorous maintenance. Each week we had formal courses as well as a field trip to area horticultural centers. Daily Tasks included: weeding, mowing, scouting, mulching, pruning, cleaning, and shop upkeep. The garden and atmosphere were incredible. It is very laid back while maintaining high expectations and standards. I truly feel that my experience at The Arnold Arboretum is unlike any other internship experience available.

Kevin Wallice Rising
second semester junior
Huntington Country club in Long Island, NY

I am Kevin Wallice, a Clemson student on the path of obtaining a Horticulture degree with a minor in turfgrass management. Due to my interest in horticulture and turfgrass management, this summer I was an intern at an upscale country club with an exquisite 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, platform tennis courts, and a very nice club house and pro shop. During my internship I worked on the golf course and learned as much about golf course management as I could. I mainly did a lot of course set up in the morning which consisted of rotating tee markers, emptying trash cans, and rotating pin placement on the greens for each hole. Also, I would do fairway mowing, and other odd jobs around the course which include, but are not limited to irrigation work, weed eating, push mowing, mowing tees and approaches, and refilling water coolers around the course. Working on a golf course as nice as this one was quite an experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I could see myself one day being a superintendent, but to get there I must keep working and gaining much more experience in the field of golf course management.