2015 Horticulture Internship Placements

Wade Alexander
Senior Horticulture Major
Stantec Consulting Ltd. North Charleston, SC
I am Wade Alexander a senior Horticulture major at Clemson University. For my required internship I choose to take a design focus and work with Stantec Consulting Ltd. an international company with an office in North Charleston, SC. Stantec is a company of over 15,000 employees that works with urban development, traffic engineering, oil and gas industries, structural engineers, and more. I worked with the Landscape Architects in the urban planning department designing, renderng, inspecting, and estimating costs of projects throughout South Carolina and the Southeast. Some noteworthy projects I was involved in were Hutchinson Square Park in Summerville, SC; The Dorchester Convention Center in Summerville, SC; Ben Cooper park in Georgetown, SC; Ocean Boulevard improvements in Myrtle Beach, SC; and Summer’s Corner planned development in Ladson, SC to name just a handful. Stantec is a great company with great people. They “Design with Community in Mind” as their slogan says. They always put people first and do what is right. I am thankful for the experience, and have learned so much in my time there.

Jordan Baylor
Sophomore hHorticulture Major
Berry Acres, Anderson, SC
This summer I interned at Berry Acres in Anderson, SC. As a sophomore horticulture student with an interest in fruit and vegetable production, as well as agritourism, Berry Acres was a great internship opportunity. I spent a lot of time working outdoors, where I sprayed, fertilized, and picked the berries. I also worked in the store, washed eggs, gave tours, and led field trip groups. The farm needed a lot of restoration, and most of my outdoor work included ripping out old plants and irrigation lines, and replacing them with new ones. This summer was a rewarding and educational experience, and one that I am glad to have had.

Katherine Bennett
Rising Senior
Metrolina Greenhouses: Huntersville, North Carolina
My name is Katherine Bennett and I am pursuing a degree in horticulture at Clemson University. This past summer I completed my internship at the expansive Metrolina Greenhouses in Huntersville, North Carolina. I was an intern in the Research and Development department. This internship focused on learning the production and research side of working in a greenhouse. I learned aspects of propagation, soil and virus testing, chemical applications, growing and how trials are set up in the research department. I enjoyed learning about the company and working with my co-workers. It was hard, fast-paced work but very rewarding!

Lee Bundrick
Senior Horticulture major
Advanced Internship HORT 471
I had previous internship work experience in landscape design and installation but always wanted to pursue a career in the arboriculture industry. I was fortunate enough to work with the Clemson University campus arborists who are a part of the Landscape Services crew. The arborists assess and mitigate any risks from the many trees on campus. At first I assisted in cleaning up and chipping brush, then moved on to hand pruning and started training with the equipment they use whenever there was proper supervision and ample time. By the end of the summer, I was to be able to properly supervise and manage ground crew operations. I also learned how to use the aerial lift equipment, climbing gear, and a few of the chainsaws. Overall, I received the best training I could have ever have gotten from arborists.

Phillip Carnley
Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Cheyenne Wyoming
I am Phillip Carnley, and I spent my summer in the lovely city of Cheyenne Wyoming working for the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. The botanic gardens are on 9 acres located within Lion’s Park. The purpose of this internship was for me to experience the different aspects of public gardens and public horticulture. My day to day duties were watering the conservatory, weeding and planting. But, while here I had the opportunity to visit many different gardens so that I could understand to different perspectives of various gardens from clientele to plant material. Over all this internship was exceptional, I learned more about myself in the short 10 weeks I was there than I ever thought possible and had a brilliant staff that I could ask question. The picture with this paragraph was taken at CSU at their trial garden. Starting from the left are myself, Dan Blanchard, Rachel Agostino, Anna Cordiner, and don’t front is Allie Skaer.

Jake Harrison
Musser Farm
I am Jake Harrison, a senior horticulture major from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. For my summer internship I stayed right here in Clemson. I interned for Dr. Juan Carlos Melgar at Musser Farm, Clemson’s fruit research center. Dr. Melgar has extension and research responsibilities in the area of pomology, but more specifically he works with peaches and other Prunus species. I aided Dr. Melgar in the peach variety trial. This was a block of peaches on the farm that were being tested for potential commercial use. My work duties mostly consisted of picking fruit and then collecting and analyzing data in the lab. Also, we would travel to surrounding peach farms that were participating in the peach variety trial to collect fruit for testing. I had no previous experience working with peaches, but I really enjoyed working at Musser this summer. I learned a lot from Dr. Melgar and the many other people I was able to meet and work with throughout the internship. Musser farm is a great place to work and learn due to the casual and friendly environment.

Tyler Hughey
Senior Horticulture Major
Hughey Farms
I completed my internship this summer for a fourth generation family farm in the Northwest corner of Spartanburg County in the upstate of South Carolina. Hughey Farms encompasses the entire chain of food supply and production from sprouting plants in the greenhouse to harvesting strawberries and cantaloupes from the field and peaches from the trees in the orchard to selling the harvest at one of 2 retail stands or at several local farmers markets. There is a never ending laundry list of tasks to be accomplished during the months of June, July and August so experiencing a rotation of the various tasks and duties for an internship requirement was not an issue. Also, I was able to interview a variety of agriculture professionals and take part in some local farm to table meetings and an Ag South seminar.

Jared Jent
Rising Senior
Metrolina Greenhouses, Huntersville, North Carolina
My name is Jared Jent and I am a rising senior Horticulture major at Clemson University. This summer I worked at Metrolina Greenhouses, the largest greenhouse in the United States. The greenhouse is 170 acres of growing space. I worked as a research intern. I got the opportunity to see plants that are still in the testing stage and will not be released on the market for next the 2-3 years. I worked in various test gardens and test houses. I performed experiments and collected data for trials. All my research will be used to help breeders create better plants. Due to my internship being in the research department I am not allowed to describe all the tasks and experiments. I had fun this summer. I had a great summer trialing plants and also had a great research team to learn this under.

John Lockwood
Baytree Landscape Contractors, Charleston, SC
This summer I worked with Baytree Landscape Contractors in Charleston South Carolina. Throughout my internship I had the opportunity to do many different tasks, like cutting grass, weed eating, tip pruning, planting trees and shrubs, fixing broken irrigation and also installing irrigation. I also spent time in the office where I learned how to run a start up, contact our suppliers, and estimate the costs for a job for customers. I am so grateful for the opportunity Baytree gave me this summer, I learned so much this summer about all of the sides of landscape and cannot thank Baytree enough for this experience.

Taylor Murphy
Graduating Senior
Scapes Incorporated- Dallas, TX
My name is Taylor Murphy, I graduate this coming December, 2015. I interned with a small landscape architecture firm in Dallas, Texas. I conducted sales meetings, managed the sales staff, and designed landscapes for the company. My experience was very mind opening to all landscape architecture has to offer.

Chris Smith
The Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia
My name is Chris Smith. I am a senior in the Horticulture program at Clemson University. For the Horticulture degree an internship is required to graduate so I interned with The Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. As an intern at Augusta National I completed many tasks such as tree planting, hedge trimming, pruning, applying fertilizer, applying pesticides, mowing, watering, removing turf, and conducting an experiment. An internship at The Augusta National Golf Club is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It gave me experience in every aspect of horticulture that I was looking for and I worked with great managers and co-workers. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone in the Horticulture program.

Jason Warren
Rising Senior, Horticulture Major
I spent my summer right here in Clemson at Clemson Aquaponics. I traveled South Carolina with Dr. Lance Beecher meeting influential legislators and future growers. I was able to build my own business at the same time. Overall the summer was incredibly helpful for me and my future.

Cody Wroblewski
Clemson University Musser Fruit Research Center
This summer I had the pleasure of working under Dr. Juan Carlos Melgar at the Musser Farm. I assisted Dr. Melgar in evaluating close to 100 peach varieties on the farm. This work included recording the physical appearance of the peaches, their physical parameters, and even some of their chemical attributes such as sugar content and malic acid content. That’s what can make peaches have such a variable taste! I had a great time at the farm. I learned about the various pest/disease problems an orchard can face, the importance of how a peach cosmetically looks to a consumer, and of course all of the different flavors that peaches have to offer. Whenever I was working outside of the lab, I assisted the farm manager with fruit picking, seed harvesting, mulching, installing trellises, and other various outdoor activities.