2016 Horticulture Internship Placements

Annie Borlik
Senior, Horticulture BS
Metrolina Greenhouse
Huntersville, NC.

My name is Annie Borlik and I was an intern at Metrolina Greenhouse in Huntersville, NC within the Research and Development Department. In the R&D department we were responsible for the implementation and execution of large and small scale trials of new cultivars for the commercial floriculture industry. Metrolina Greenhouse is a 360 acre greenhouse complex, the eighth largest in the United States, the second largest greenhouse complex under glass.

My duties included the propagation of cultivars from seed and from un-rooted cuttings, data collection which included monitoring of E.C. and pH. values of certain cultivar trials as well as the evaluation of growth patterns and the progression of disease within certain trials. Trials numbers ranged anywhere from 4-5 plants per cultivar of one to several thousand plants of the same species such as mums or poinsettias but of multiple cultivars.

The impact that my internship had on me, could only be classified as a valuable eye opening experience. The massive scale of the greenhouse production at Metrolina makes coming back to greenhouse complex here at Clemson University a smooth transition.

Ray Castles Rising Sophomore Horticulture Major Modern Turf in Columbia, SCRay Castles
Rising Sophomore Horticulture Major
Modern Turf in Columbia, SC

My name is Ray Castles and I worked for Modern Turf in Columbia, SC. I spent a lot of time spraying for weeds in the turf and selling sod. In the beginning of the summer I would fill up bags of Dixie Mix, a mushroom compost based soil for the customers, and fix equipment. I also worked to renovate people’s yards by aerating and fertilizing, spraying, and sprigging. I sprigged a practice chipping range for a country club, and I went to Pinehurst and sprigged a Par 3 golf course that was reecently built. After that, I worked for the sports turf side of Modern Turf. I took care of six ball fields, where I aerated, fertilized, top dressed, and sprayed them. The last thing I did was build a baseball and softball practice field. They both shared second base, and I installed the clay, irrigation, sod, and the bases. I enjoyed this whole summer. I worked 60 hours a week most weeks. All my coworkers where pretty cool, and it made the experience fun. They really want me to come back next year, and I probably will.

Taylor Clark HORT 4710 Advanced Internship Rising Senior Horticulture Major Treasury Wine Estates, Napa CATaylor Clark
HORT 4710 Advanced Internship
Rising Senior Horticulture Major
Treasury Wine Estates, Napa CA

My name is Taylor Clark; I am a rising senior horticulture major. I went to Napa, CA for a harvest viticulture internship with Treasury Wine Estates. My daily task involved maturity sampling; this is when I randomly collected 15 clusters of grapes from a certain block. I then had to crush the clusters to get the juice; the juice was then taken to the lab where they were tested for sugar content and pH. The sugar content is used to tell whether the grapes were ready to be harvested. Some afternoons I conducted harvest segments; where I harvested grapes from 30 certain vines in a block counting the number of clusters and weight. This information allowed us to calculate the expected tonnage of grapes. I had a great experience learning about viticulture and harvesting grapes.

Elizabeth Elmore Rising Junior Winding Hills Stables, Long Island New YorkElizabeth Elmore
Rising Junior
Winding Hills Stables, Long Island New York

My internship at Long Island’s Winding Hills Stables was a wonderful experience right after my first semester at Clemson as a transfer junior. I co-designed a project with my partner Vincent Galatolo to mitigate the stables’ immense amount of manure (twenty horses’ worth to be exact) which involved creating a vermicomposting system. We spent nine weeks breeding worms in a small bin with manure and transferred them to our large vermicomposting bin that we built. The bin is capable of holding approximately 500 or so hundred pounds of manure that can be broken down by the worms. My project manager is currently using the system to sell worm castings. I also spearheaded a project that involved us building an eight foot tall hydroponic tower capable of growing thirty heads of lettuce. I compared the growth of the lettuce in the tower to the growth of the vegetables and lettuce I planted in the garden we made from an old goat pen. The heads of lettuce were full-sized in the tower after two and a half weeks whereas the traditional garden did not have full heads of lettuce after over a month of growth. Beyond independent projects, I mainly landscaped the heavily weeded landscape with drought tolerant plants and mulch as well as learned how to care for horses inside and outside of the stables. I truly enjoyed working with horses even though I have no prior experience with them and enjoyed being able to work on self-designed projects without constraint.

 Vincent Galatolo Rising Junior Winding Hill Stables, Long Island N.Y.Vincent Galatolo
Rising Junior
Winding Hill Stables, Long Island N.Y.

I am currently a rising junior at Clemson University and this summer I worked at Winding Hill Stables on Long Island, New York. I worked on a variety of different projects this summer that were designed by me and my fellow teammate Elizabeth Elmore. We constructed an eight-foot hydroponic tower that used water instead of soil growth media. The tower was capable of producing thirty heads of lettuce from immature plugs in two and half weeks. Another project we worked very hard on was the integrated vermicomposting system. The vermicomposting system was created to mitigate the hundreds of pounds of daily manure produced by the horses. The large horizontal migration chamber that was built and designed by my team is capable of producing over 500 pounds of vermicompost every cycle. The Winding Hill Stables owners are currently selling the vermicompost for a profit. I also spent time taking care of the horses and getting to know more about equine health. They are incredibly smart and sensitive animals who you will quickly form a bond with. I haven’t had much training with horses before so it was quite intimidating working with them at the beginning of the internship. It was fascinating working with the horses and even more exciting designing my own projects that ultimately benefited Winding Hill Stables.

Madison Harrington Senior Agricultural Mechanization and Business Crop Production Services Internship in Hemingway, SCMadison Harrington
Senior Agricultural Mechanization and Business
Crop Production Services Internship in Hemingway, SC

My name is Madison Harrington. I am a senior Agricultural Mechanization and Business major pursuing a Horticulture minor. This summer I took an internship with Crop Production Services in Hemingway, SC. CPS is a farm service store that sells fertilizer, seed, and chemicals but also offers a service of crop scouting, fertilizer spreading and crop consulting. Hemingway was once known as a small town that produced tobacco. Today these farmers are into bigger row crop operations creating a greater need for a company like CPS. During my summer internship, I did a number of different tasks including sales, crop consulting, crop scouting and taking tissue and soil samples. Being able to do these tasks for a farmer allows them to be doing different daily tasks such as machinery work. After working for CPS this summer I have learned about some of the best products and services and how to get them onto a farm. I have learned that I would love to work for CPS in the future because they want the farmer to be profitable and make the best crops.

Dalton Holzheimer Rising senior Horticulture The Greenery, Hilton Head IslandDalton Holzheimer
Rising senior Horticulture
The Greenery, Hilton Head Island

My name is Dalton Holzheimer and I am a rising senior majoring in Horticulture. I completed an internship at The Greenery, located on Hilton Head Island. The internship was 15 weeks long and I experienced every aspect of the landscaping field during that time. I lived in a condominium that the company owns on Hilton Head Island and worked at the branches in the Hilton Head, Savanah, Bluffton, Sun City, and Hardeeville areas. I performed many tasks in the areas of business development, administration, irrigation, maintenance, construction, chemicals, enhancements, and floral design. I had a very positive experience working with The Greenery this summer and hope to acquire a job after graduation.

Lindsay Kiser Senior Horticulture Major Martin Garden Center: Greenville, SCLindsay Kiser
Senior Horticulture Major
Martin Garden Center: Greenville, SC

I am a senior Horticulture major at Clemson University and have had the benefit of spending my final semester as an undergraduate working as an intern at Martin Garden Center, an independent garden center in Greenville, SC. As an intern I have had the opportunity to experience almost every aspect of running a small garden center, from plant care and manual labor to operating the cash register and managing inventory. I continue to learn so much every day that I show up to work, which is why I am so excited to have been offered a full time position as assistant manager and be able to stay at Martin Garden Center after my internship is over!

Chris Lerew Rising Junior Horticulture Musser Fruit Research Farm, Seneca, SCChris Lerew
Rising Junior Horticulture
Musser Fruit Research Farm, Seneca, SC

I am Chris Lerew and am a junior horticulture major. I went to the Musser Fruit Research Farm this summer for my internship. I picked various peach and blackberry varieties from the variety trial blocks and I conducted many tests on them. This was a lot of fun because part of the job was to taste each variety. This was a great experience because I gained great insight into the research side of the fruit industry.

Colin O’Neill Horticulture (Senior) South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson SCColin O’Neill
Horticulture (Senior)
South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson SC

My name is Colin O’Neill I am a student of Clemson University studying Horticulture. I am currently a senior at Clemson. I chose to do my summer internship experience at the South Carolina Botanical Garden. Here at the garden I did many horticultural relevant activities. I rotated around the main departments of landscaping, nursery, education, and natural heritage trail. Under landscaping I performed weeding, mulching, mowing, pruning, irrigation, basic brick laying, and operated tractors and skid-steers. In the nursery I participated in potting, seed planting, cuttings, and irrigation, and some basic construction such as shade cloth maintenance, aiding in repair of the custom built bog in the nursery, and constructing a wire fence. I also spent a week assisting a children’s camp that focused on teaching some important aspects of nature in relation to humans. Here I helped to maintain order as well teach kids about plants when applicable. I spent some time working on the natural heritage trail as well, which is a trail at the garden that takes you through some different native ecosystems in South Carolina with its crowning glory being the bog and carnivorous plant display. Here I planted several varieties of grasses, weeded, mulched, and learned some natural history regarding the plants. Overall I am thrilled with my experience! I received experience in basic horticultural work which will set a solid foundation for me in my future career pursuits. I have learned many new things I never would have learned if I hadn’t worked here. Working with the heavy machinery was also a much needed confidence boost for me as I was very unconfident in my abilities, current and future, to operate this equipment. I have met many good people and friends from my time here. My time was well spent!

Justin Revland Senior Horticulture Major Baytree Landscape Contractors, Charleston, SCJustin Revland
Senior Horticulture Major
Baytree Landscape Contractors, Charleston, SC

My name is Justin Revland and I did my summer internship with Baytree Landscape Contractors. My job has been both a rewarding and informational experience. From day one I was blown away by the accepting attitude of both management and crew members. The internship consisted of 8 rotations which all varied in duties and responsibilities. Rotations consisted of two weeks spent with a crew followed by two weeks shadowing managers. After seeing all that goes into just one project it gave me a real appreciation for what the people who do it every day go through. Without each person doing their assigned role, the company would not function as smoothly as it does.

Jance Shine
Senior Horticulture
Musser Fruit Research Farm, Seneca, SC

I am Jance Shine and I worked at Musser Fruit Research farm for my summer internship. At Musser Fruit Farm, we mostly did a lot of fruit picking. We picked peaches, blackberries, plums, nectarines, and all kinds of small fruit. I also did summer pruning on the peach trees. This is to make sure that all the fruit on the tree gets sun. I have had the most fun I have ever had working at Musser Fruit Farm. I have learned a lot and have also created great relationships that extend outside of work. I am so grateful to have worked for Musser Fruit Research Center.