The Clemson Light Imaging Facility is housed on the ground floor of the Life Sciences Facility on the Clemson University campus. The facility contains the following state of the art light microscopes:

Nikon Eclipse Ti, inverted microscope with Nikon EZ-C1 spectral confocalThe Eclipse Ti is a fully motorized, perfect focus microscope. The system is fully motorized and computer controlled for six dimensional imaging. The motorized encoded Z drive has three sensitivities with a minimum step size of 25 nm.  The Eclipse Ti microscope is equipped with brightfield and DIC, as well as epi-fluorescence and TIRF laser sources. A variety of objective lenses are available for the Eclipse Ti, which may be coupled with a 1.5X intermediate zoom. The Jordan Hall Imaging Facility has dry, water immersion and oil immersion objective lenses ranging from 4X to 100X, including the Nikon 60X TIRF oil immersion lens with the world’s highest numerical aperture of 1.49.
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Nikon AZ100 Multizoom The Nikon AZ100 Multizoom is a multipurpose zoom microscope with a wide range of magnification from 5X-400X. Due to its smooth zoom mechanism, a single specimen can be examined from a macro to a micro scale. The microscope is equipped with both transmitted and episcopic DIC, epifluorescence and brightfield observation capabilities.
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The Eclipse Ti and the Nikon AZ100 Multizoom may be coupled to either the DS Ri-1,12mp Color Camera or the CoolSnap HQ2 High Sensitivity Quantitative Monochrome Camera for widefield imaging or to the Nikon C1si spectral imaging confocal laser scanning system for confocal or spectral imaging. The laser scanning confocal system utilizes four tunable lasers ranging from 404 to 638 nm, allowing for a wide range of fluorescence imaging. This system allows for the acquisition of 32 channels of fluorescence spectra over a 320 nm wide wavelength range in a single pass. The spectral imaging system cleanly separates overlapping spectra of different fluorescent labels and autoflourescence from true signal.
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Nikon imaging soctwareThe Nikon imaging software, NIS-elements provides integrated control of the microscope and imaging systems. This software platform offers a wide range of tools for measurement, documentation and databasing. In addition, Adobe Photoshop is available for image analysis in the JHIF.
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