Dr. Terri Bruce, Manager, Jordan Hall Imaging FacilityDr. Terri F. Bruce

The manager of the facility is Dr. Terri Bruce. Dr. Bruce holds bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Applied Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has over 12 years of industrial experience, including process design engineering and product development. She received her doctorate in Biological Sciences in 2009 from Clemson University, specializing in Cell Biology. In addition, Dr. Bruce has over 9 years of teaching experience at the collegiate level, and was a former recipient of the Clemson University Outstanding Teaching Assistant of the Year Award.




Rhonda Reigers Powell

Rhonda Powell has served as the Assistant Manager of the Clemson Light Imaging Facility since July 2012.  Rhonda earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences in 2001, and a Master of Science in Microbiology in 2009, both from Clemson University.  She also holds a secondary education teaching endorsement in Biology from the American Board for the Certification of Teacher Excellence.  Prior to joining the Clemson Light Imaging Facility, Rhonda worked for more than 10 years in a cell biology research laboratory.




Devante HorneDevante Horne

Devante Horne is a Senior Bioengineering student from Anderson, SC. His interests include nanotechnology, tissue engineering, immunology, and of course, microscopy!

Devante joined the Imaging Facility in January 2013 through the Clemson University Professional Internship/Co-Op (UPIC) Program.  He is proficient with the Leica M125 stereoscope and the Combine ZP image processing software (used for creating extended depth of focus images).

Currently, Devante is working to learn how to use the CytoViva Hyperspectral Imaging System.




Brittany Lamont

Brittany is a Senior majoring in Health Sciences.  She has worked in the Clemson Light Imaging Facility as an undergraduate student assistant and as a Clemson University Professional Internship/Co-Op (UPIC) program intern.

Brittany has extensive experience with the Leica M80 Stereoscope and the Olympus LEXT OLS 3D Laser Measuring Microscope.  Most recently, she attended an in-service training session to learn to operate the Guava flow cytometer.  Brittany is a talented Photoshop user, and designs the CLIF newsletter header each month.