Policies and Procedures

Please be sure to read the following Policies and Procedures as set forth by the Jordan Hall Imaging Facility Manage. You will be asked to agree to adhere to all of the rules and regulations for proper use of the facility with the understand that failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in additional fee assessments or revocation of facility access and privileges by the facility manager.

  1. All rules and regulations must be followed for continued unsupervised access to the JHIF. Each facility user must sign and date these rules and regulations before using the facility.
  2. Prior to using any equipment, everyone must be trained by the Facility Manager. It is not permissible for students or staff of a laboratory to train other individuals in the laboratory.
  3. A new facility billing time sheet must be submitted to the facility manager at the beginning of each month that the facility is used. Each person must submit an individual time sheet (one time sheet will not cover an entire lab).
  4. Once trained, unsupervised access is permitted during nights and weekends.
  5. No food or drink is permitted in wet lab areas or around equipment.
  6. Users are not allowed to change the configuration of any equipment without the prior consent of the facility manager. The facility manager and/or their appointed and properly trained designee are the ONLY personnel authorized to move the Nikon confocal head. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule.
  7. The JHIF is a central facility with a large population of researchers having access. It is essential that all users are courteous to others and clean up after themselves. Continued abuse of the facilities or conflict with other users will result in restricted access to the equipment.
  8. To properly reserve time on an instrument, the online booking system, FACES, must be used. If conflicts arise, the Manager will have the final say on who has priority access to the equipment.
  9. If individuals do not show up within 20 minutes of their reserved time, others will be allowed to use the equipment.
  10. Individuals that repeatedly reserve time on the equipment and do not show up for their reserved time will be charged. Individuals will be given a warning for a first time offense. After the initial warning, the user will be charged for one-hour. Continued offenses will be billed for half the time for which the individual reserved the equipment.
  11. All logbooks pertaining to use of equipment and access to common supplies must be filled out with the requested information.
  12. If you use major equipment or technical expertise in the JHIF, resulting publications should acknowledge the JHIF and a reprint/PDF of the paper should be sent to the Manager.
  13. A flat fee will be available for special projects that take an extended period (8 hours or more to run). These projects will require prior approval from the Manager of the JHIF before the flat fee can be applied. Unless there is a demonstrated need, all extended time projects will be scheduled for evenings (beginning after 3 pm and ending before 9:30 am, and/or weekends).
  14. The facility manager’s position is a part-time position. If a user has questions regarding their imaging session, they should contact the manager in advance. There is no guarantee that the manager will be in the facility during your appointment time unless you have arranged a meeting in advance.
Print these rules and sign to indicate your commitment to adhere to them (Download the PDF)