Packaging Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging Science prepares students for careers in industries producing and utilizing packages for all types of products. Packaging is an essential part of industrialized economies, protecting, preserving, and helping to market products. The field of packaging is highly competitive and highly innovative, requiring an ever-increasing number of professional positions.

Opportunities for employment include a wide variety of career paths such as manufacturing, marketing, sales, design, purchasing, quality assurance, and customer services. Most career opportunities are in positions requiring technical knowledge combined with marketing and management skills.

The core curriculum assures graduates of having the skills and knowledge required by most entry-level packaging positions. Emphasis area choices or approved minors allow students to select courses to improve career preparation for specific industry segments, including distribution and transportation, engineering technology, food and health care packaging, graphic communications, materials, business administration, entrepreneurship, environmental engineering, environmental science and policy, and management.

Students changing majors to Packaging Science must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point ratio.

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