Plant & Environmental Sciences

The Plant and Environmental Sciences degree is an update from the program previously known as Soils and Sustainable Crop Systems. Recent improvements were implemented based on input from alumni, recent graduates, current students, and our external advisory board. The most visible changes are those in the new names of the major and two of the concentrations.

This degree offers concentrations in:

  • Agronomy
  • Soil & Water Environmental Science
  • Agricultural Biotechnology

This new name reflects the diversity of concentrations in the degree program which include both plant sciences and environmental sciences. 

Academic advisors help students tailor individual programs to fit their own professional and academic goals. Students will graduate with the scientific, technical, and practical skills needed to compete in many diverse careers or continue on in graduate school.

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Curriculum (2014-2015 COMING SOON)
    - Agricultural Biotechnology Concentration
    - Soil and Water Environmental Science Concentration
    - Agronomy Concentration

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