Sample Submission

Upon submission of this on-line sample submission form, MUAL staff will contact you within 24hrs to set up a meeting to discuss about the specific analytical needs (ideal instrumentation, method etc). Samples should not be submitted without prior consultation. Samples will not be analyzed without a valid IDO in place.

Current (2017) turnaround time for sample analysis is as follows (depending on the method development involved and instrument availability):

1. Samples that have an established method for analysis, [1-2 week] 
2. Samples that require reoptimization of a literature reported method, [2-4 weeks]
3. Samples that require development and validation of a new method, [0.5-3 months]  

[Samples with Radioactive Isotopes Cannot be accepted for analysis]

Project type:
Analysis sought:
Analysis requested:
Analysis of prepared samples:
Samples require extraction purification:
Methodology known:
Methodology previously used/developed in MUAL:
Method optimization required:
Method development required:
Standards available:
Analytical replicates per sample:
Detailed method validation:
Internal standard addition needed:
Data interpretation required:
Collaborative project with MUAL:
Graduate student training involved:
Graduate student processing the sample at MUAL:
Sample amount limited:

(Rush analysis is possible, but is conditional on the existence of established methods and instrument availability)