All Nature as Teacher programs are centered on local South Carolina Midland’s ecology – from pinecones to paper products and soils to squirrels there is something for everyone. Experience nature through inquiry and creativity with one of our developed programs or plan with a facilitator to create something custom. To schedule a program or inquire further contact the education specialist, Leoncia Cruz, at or 610-715-2788.

To see all the events happening in the Camden area, please visit the City Event Calendar

Summer 2022 Programs

There is so much to do with Nature as Teacher this Summer! Check out the list on the summer events page or follow us on Facebook; Instagram or LinkedIn.

Community Programs

Adaptable, interactive programs for large or small groups

“Campfire” Storytime

You may host story time outside around a real or faux campfire, or inside with a virtual campfire.

K-12 Programs

Host in your school’s greenspace or classroom, or in a Camden City Park with a homeschool pod, these programs are specifically designed to align with South Carolina’s State Educational Standards.