Student Residency

Harris Cottage 

Outside view of the Harris Cottage

The Harris Cottage is housing available to Clemson students and visiting scientists at the Baruch Institute.  The cabin hosts four bedrooms with California twin sized beds, which are slightly longer then a normal twin bed and the same size as used in the Clemson dorms.  Each room has either two twin beds on the floor or one twin bed and a bunk bed.  There are closets and locks on the doors to each bedroom.  Handicap facilities are also available.  The cabin has a full kitchen, two refrigerators, washer/dryer, and dishwasher.  A combination living/dining room is present with a table, couch, chairs, and television.  Wireless internet access is also provided however quality may suffer if several people are using high bandwidth applications all at once.  Visitors to the cottage are expected to help take part in keeping the house clean.  Summer students usually put together a chore chart to help keep it clean.  

Space within the cottage is limited and can fill up quickly especially during the summer months.  To make a reservation please email Alreda Grate

Bedroom with single twin beds.
Bedroom with bunk beds.
Living and dining room.