Advisory Council 2019

The Coastal Research and Education Center Advisory Council consists of leaders and stakeholders in the vegetable industry. The council was formed to seek advice and input for research and Extension program needs for the coastal vegetable production region. The council meets approximately twice per year with scientists at the CREC to give input. Members are asked to serve for two years. Our next meeting will be in conjunction with one of our Fall Field Days (date to be announced). For more information about our Advisory Council please contact Chris Ray at or 803-284-3343.

Current Members:

Roger Flowers or Bubba Flowers - Flowers Farms
Joe Haigler or Wally Haigler - Haigler Farms
Jim Plunkett - Mixon Seed Company
Brian Wheat - Lowcountry Local First
Dr. Merle Shepard - South Carolina Agricultural Society
Jerry Lee - McCall Farms
Charles Wingard - WP Rawls
York Glover - Retired Extension Agent
Graham Sanders - Seaside Farms
Chalmers Mikell - SC Farm Bureau
Matt Cornwell - SC Department of Agriculture