Research Facilities

The Coastal Research and Education Center shares a state-of-the-art research building with the USDA ARS U.S. Vegetable Laboratory.  There is a total of 54,000 square feet of laboratory and office space as well as 16,000 square feet of greenhouses.  There are 22 laboratories, each approximately 600 square feet, some with specialized rooms with an additional 140 square feet.  Each of the 6 wings has a media preparation and/or heavy equipment room.The CREC experimental farm consists of 325 acres and provides 80 acres for research plots. All fields can be irrigated and most can be drip-irrigated using a computerized irrigation system.  Seven soil types of the southeastern coastal plains area are present on the center farm.  A pesticide storage, mixing and decontamination facility is included among the farm outbuildings.  Four greenhouses are available: a 1,000 square-foot glasshouse, a 1,000 square-foot plastic covered greenhouse, a 750 square-foot plastichouse, and a 950 square foot section in the USDA US Vegetable Laboratory glasshouse.  Dew chambers, reach-in growth chambers, and walk-in growth chambers are available in the 22,000 square-foot USDA headhouse.

CREC land overview

(Aerial view of CREC and USDA farms)