Collaboration and Partnerships

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USDA- Agriculture Research Services

In addition to being home to Clemson University faculty, the Pee Dee REC is home to two USDA-ARS faculty members.  USDA-ARS faculty study similar subjects as their Pee Dee REC counterparts, including cotton research and water management.  Click here to visit USDA-ARS.

Tiger Paw

Edisto Research & Education Center

At any given time, several faculty members from Edisto and Pee Dee are working together to solve the problems of today's farmer.  Current collaborations include testing for the best weed management solution in soybeans and solving the insect pest problem in corn.  Click here to visit Edisto REC.

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NC State University

Pee Dee REC faculty member Dr. Francis Reay-Jones is currently working with Dr. Hannah Burrack of North Carolina State University to investigate the biology and pest status of the tobacco splitworm.  Click here to visit NCSU.

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National Resources Conservation Service

The Pee Dee REC has partnered with the USDA-NRCS to promote integrated land management that includes space for wildlife, farming, and forestry through the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP).  The Pee Dee REC serves as a demonstration site to local farmers considering adding wildlife habitat to their farms. Click here to visit USDA-NRCS.