Faculty and Staff

Dr. Matt C. Smith, Professor and Director
Dr. Rick Boyles, Assistant Professor, Small Grains Breeding and Genetics
Dr. Juang Horng "JC" Chong, Associate Professor, Entomology
Dr. Bruce A. Fortnum, Professor Emeritus, Plant Pathology and Physiology
Dr. James R. Frederick, Professor, Agronomy, Crop Physiology, Small Grains
Dr. Matt Inman, Assistant Professor, Row Crop Agronomist
Dr. Michael A. Jones, Professor, Cotton Specialist
Dr. Bruce Martin, Professor Emeritus, Turfgrass Pathology
Dr. Wonkeun "John" Park, Senior Scientist, Cotton and Oilseed Brassica Crops
Dr. Francis Reay-Jones, Professor, Entomology
Dr. Joseph Roberts, Assistant Professor, Turfgrass Pathology and Nematology
Dr. Sachin Rustgi, Assistant Professor, Molecular Breeding
Dr. Rongzhong Ye, Assistant Professor, Soil Biogeochemistry and Soil Health

Extension Associates:
Mr. Benjamin Powell, Apiculture State Coordinator
Mr. Jonathan Windham, Advanced Plant Technology Program Outreach

Associate Coordinator:
Mr. Tim Bryant, Associate Coordinator IPM Program

Regulatory and Public Service Staff:
Mr. Winston Nickles Mirmow, Plant Industry

USDA-ARS Research Scientists & Support Staff:
Dr. Eric Billman, Research Agronomist
Dr. B. Todd Campbell, Research Geneticist
Mr. Daniel Holladay, Cotton Support Staff
Ms. Kendreal Wingate, Cotton Support Staff

Administrative Staff:
Mr. Sam Goodman, Buildings and Grounds Manager
Mr. Billy Hunt, IT Consultant
Ms. Jenifer Lind, Business Manager
Mr. Brandon Rogers, Farm Manager
Ms. Mandy Cribb Stephan, Administrative Coordinator
Ms. Sheila A. Williams, Safety and Compliance Officer

Technical Staff:
Mr. Stephen Beasley, Cotton
Ms. Shawn Chandler, Entomology and Soil Science
Mr. Zachary Jones, Research Specialist
Mrs. Laurie McBride, Turfgrass
Mr. Charles Parker, Soil Science
Ms. Reid Stephens, Research Specialist

Support Staff:
Mrs. Karen Barefoot, Farm Crew
Mr. William Caughman, Small Grains
Ms. Shay Cook, Entomology
Mr. Jonathan Edgeworth, Farm Crew
Mr. Ryan Graham, Farm Crew
Mr. Ryan Holmes, Small Grains
Mr. Rodney Junkins, Buildings and Grounds
Mr. Matt Lennon, Entomology
Mr. Albert Lynn, Turfgrass
Mr. Frank McClellan, Farm Crew
Mr. Ben Steen, Buildings and Grounds
Mr. Terry Teal, Entomology