Crops and Equipment

Established in 1920 as the Farms Department and later called Ag Support, this division of Research Farm Services performs operational, facility, machinery and crop production support for all other units within RFS. There are two main headquarters facilities for this unit: The Simpson Research Farm, five miles east of Pendleton and Clemson Station Headquarters at the Cherry Farm in Clemson.

Services provided to the different farm units include: Hay, silage and crop production, pasture management, vehicle and equipment maintenance, facility maintenance and upgrade, engineering services, grading construction and land management, utility installation, grounds care, carpentry and machine shop services and diesel fuel/gasoline storage.

There are two managers and eight FTE's in the department. Much of the seasonal type labor is accomplished by the hiring of 8-10 undergraduate students. The department manages 4,400 acres of land, 150+ pieces of machinery and 100+ buildings.