Name Title Email Phone
Jennifer Arblaster Acct/Fiscal Analyst III 864-656-2530
Celina Checura Research Scientist 864-656-5165
Carol Foster Mosley Poultry Farm Manager 864-656-3064
Matt Hersom Professor and Director, Piedmont Research & Education Center 352-871-6307
Jeffrey Hopkins Musser Fruit Research Center Farm Manager 864-882-0028
Scott Justice Simpson Beef Cattle Farm Manager 803-535-9545
Elliot Mayer Simpson Station Farm Manager 843-384-0506
Janice Merck Acct/Fiscal AnalystI 864-656-3477
Maggie Miller Sheep Farm Manager 864-933-1679
Reta Miller Dairy Farm Manager 803-917-3950
David Robb Organic Farm Manager 864-986-1217
William Smoak Cherry Farm Manager 843-893-7733
Garland Veasey Director, Research Farm Services 864-656-3477

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