The Sandhill Children's Garden


The Carolina Children’s Garden at Clemson’s Sandhill Research and Education Center (REC) is getting a new name and a new home.  The redesigned children’s garden will be known as the Sandhill Children’s Garden and located adjacent to the popular Sandhill Farmers Market, near the REC’s main entrance.  Plans call for moving most of the existing major structures and plants to the new location.   A fence will encompass the relocated garden, with new plants and structures arriving periodically to enhance the redesign.  The move is necessary, as the property surrounding the current garden is being utilized for agricultural research, with access restricted to research personnel only.

 The Sandhill REC was established in 1926 for agricultural research. The children’s garden was established in the 1990’s when the focus of the Sandhill REC was environmental horticulture.  Since that time, mission critical research projects have been conducted to support the needs of the agriculture industry.  The Clemson Sandhill REC continues to evolve with a renewed focus on agriculture and farm management, natural resources, wildlife, forestry, education, environmental conservation, and sustainability.