About CEF and AES

Clemson's Departments of Forestry and Environmental Conservation (FEC) and Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (AES), part of the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences (CAFLS), is home to the foundational vision expressed in founder Thomas Green Clemson’s last will and testament dated August 14, 1883 creating a scientific institute which would help the citizens of South Carolina prosper by providing teaching, research and extension in the areas of agricultural and natural sciences.

students of Clemson University’s School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences (SAFES)

Over 100 years later, our mission remains to provide unified education, research and public service programs that address public needs in agriculture and natural resources by providing excellence in instruction, scientific inquiry and outreach to citizens of South Carolina, the nation, and the world.

FEC and AES by the numbers:

10 majors, 23 degree programs

816 undergraduates and graduates enrolled

65 teaching, research and extension faculty

192 degrees awarded

$4,831,690 in direct contract awards

$504,339 in indirect awards

$3,248,285 in external awards

15,415 in credit hours taught in SAFES’ ten majors

404 funded research projects resulting in $5,647,006 in expenditures

352 unique research publications by SAFES faculty

340 unique public service communications by SAFES faculty and Extension Associates