Master of Agricultural Education Plan of Study

Minimum Degree Requirements:

A master’s degree program in Agricultural Education shall consist of a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit approved by the student’s Advisory Committee. For the Master of Agricultural Education degree, at least one half of the total graduate credit hours required by the Advisory Committee, exclusive of thesis research, must be selected from courses numbered 700 or above.

  • Total Hours of Course Work: 30 Credit Hours

  • Core Courses Required: 12 Credit Hours

  • Elective Courses Required: 9-12 Hourse

  • AgEd 8100 (Research): 6-9 Hours

  • Written and Oral Examination

Core Courses in Agricultural Education:

  • AG ED 8010 - Systems for Technology Transfer

  • AG ED 8890 - Research in Education

  • EXST 8010 - Experimental Stats

Assistantship candidates will be required to conduct a research project.

Publications and other methods of disseminating research results are expected activities of graduate students. In most cases, master’s students in the program are expected to publish one or more archival journal papers during the course of their studies.

  • GPA – 3.0 Minimum
  • Program to be completed within six years
  • Written and/or oral exam
  • At least half of courses must be at the 700 level or above
  • GS2 Form (Approved Plan)- Students must submit the GS2 by the middle of their second semester.
  • Students apply for graduation through their iRoar account. Choose the "Apply for Graduation" under the "Student Record" menu.
  • GS7M is the Final Exam and Thesis Approval Form, to be signed by all committee members and returned to Sikes Hall.