Study of Ag Mech

Agricultural Mechanization and Business: Taking Technology to the Next Level

An Ag Mech class.The AGM curriculum combines business and technical education allowing a uniquely qualified graduate the opportunity to pursue a career in agriculture or related industrial areas. Additionally, technical and business expertise allows entries to all levels of a firm.

A diversified, yet complementary background...

Business skills are developed collaterally with technical skills because every company must operate as an efficient business to be successful. Whether a graduate is interested primarily in the technical aspects of the industry or in the business management aspects of the company, the most successful will have a keen appreciation of both.

What do Agricultural Mechanization and Business graduates do?

KeyboardAGM graduates attain careers in financial and credit institutions, equipment companies, feed, fertilizer, chemical, irrigation, processing, and agricultural supply companies. A significant number return to farming or another phase of production in agriculture. Many others find careers in areas from banking to industrial equipment suppliers. A significant number have been particularly well suited for and successful in the heavy earthmoving industry from technical sales to contractual fleet service and management.

What about job security and opportunity for advancement?

An Ag Mech class Employment opportunities have remained relatively strong even when the national economy has been sluggish. Graduates of AGM are valued by employers because of qualifications allowing them to contribute at both the technical and managerial levels. AGM graduates are well prepared to learn the business from bottom to top. The technical background equips graduates to understand and to contribute to the production function of the company. The business background enables them to understand and appreciate the bottom line of profitability. Previous graduates have been successful in moving toward top management in their companies. Those graduates desiring to start their own company will find their technical and business backgrounds to be invaluable assets.