General Course Outline

AGM 205: Principles of Fabrication

(topics may vary somewhat by semester)
General Metal Working

    1.     Introduction
    2.     Sketching, drawing, and plan reading
    3.     Tool fitting: Cutting angles, grinders
    4.     Tool fitting: Sharpening cutting edges
    5.     Metals: History, properties, structure, terminology, manufacture
    6.     Metals: Classification, identification
    7.     Cold metal work: Safety, layout, cutting, shaping, drilling, threading, tapping
    8.     Hot metal work: Safety, equipment, heating, cutting, shaping, tempering

    9.     Arc welding: Safety, equipment
  10.     Arc welding: Electrodes, terminology, techniques
  11.     Arc welding: Cast iron, cutting, hardsurfacing
  12.     MIG welding
  13.     TIG welding
  14.     Gas welding: Safety, equipment, setup, operation
  15.     Gas welding: Fusion, brazing, hardsurfacing, cutting
  16.     Sheet metal and soldering
Building Construction and Woodworking

  17.     Carpentry: Safety, lumber, layout
  18.     Woodworking tools: Safety, saws, planes
  19.     Building construction: Floor systems
  20.     Building construction: Wall and ceiling systems
  21.     Building construction: Roof systems
  22.     Building construction: Stairs and stringers
  23.     Carpentry: Fasteners and insulation
  24.     Woodworking tools: Planes, sanders, chisels, drills, routers, fasteners, glues, clamps
  25.     Power woodworking: Safety, table saws, radial-arm saws, band saws, jointers, planers,
            drill presses
  26.     Pole and post building construction
Lab Activities

    1.     Shop Drawing and Construction Plan Reading
    2.     Tool Fitting: Grinders and Cutting Angles
    3.     Cold Metal Work: Layout, Cutting, Drilling, Threading
    4.     Hot Metal Work: Heat Treatment, Forging
    5.     Arc Welding: Stringer Beads and Fillet Welds
    6.     Arc Welding and MIG Welding: Project Assembly
    7.     TIG and MIG Welding
    8.     Gas Welding
    9.     Sheet Metal and Soldering
  10.     Tool Fitting: Grinders and Cutting Angles
  11.     Building Construction: Floor Systems
  12.     Building Construction: Wall Systems
  13.     Building Construction: Roof Systems
  14.     Fine Woodworking
  15.     Fine Woodworking

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