General Course Outline
AGM 206: Machinery Management

(topics may vary somewhat by semester)
  1.     Machine performance: Field capacities
  2.     Machine performance: Pattern efficiencies
  3.     Power performance: Tractor power and rolling
  4.     Power performance: Tractor tests
  5.     Power performance: Fuel and oil consumption,
        power requirements, and part-load operation
  6.     Operator performance: Skill, control aids, labor,
        and safety
  7.     Cost determination: Depreciation, machine life,
        inflation, renting, interest, taxes, insurance
  8.     Cost determination: Shelter, variable costs,
        repair, annual costs, records, replacement
  9.     Tillage: Machines, moldboard plows
  10.     Tillage: Disk plows, subsurface tillers, and
        plow widths
  11.     Seedbed preparation and cultivation
  12.     Seeding machines
  13.     Chemical application
  14.     Grain harvesting: Mechanisms, losses,
        operations, and material efficiency
  15.     Grain harvesting: Corn harvesting, loss
        reductions, power requirements, and operations
  16.     Forage harvesting: Mowers, mechanisms,
        rakes, and conditioners
  17.     Forage harvesting: Balers, harvesters, wafering,
        stacking, and handling equipment
  18.     Farm processing: Reducing machinery and
        drying principles
  19.     Farm processing: Drying mechanisms,
        controls, systems, performance, and operation
  20.     Materials handling: Conveyors, augers,
        blowers, wagons, loaders, and forklifts


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