General Course Outline

AGM 303: Calculations for Mechanized Agriculture

(topics may vary somewhat by semester)


  1.     Introduction and Sytematic Problem Solving Procedures
  2.     Systems for Units, Unit Conversions, Unit Factors
  3.     Applications of Extended Unit Factor Method
  4.     Simple Machines and Introduction to Vectors
  5.     Vectors - Applications of Method of Components
  6.     Mechanical Principles: Static Equilibrium, Energy, Torque, Power, and System
  7.     Free Body Diagrams, Work Against Gravity (WG)
  8.     Work Against Friction (WF) on Horizontal and Inclined Planes
  9.     Work Against Friction and Gravity on an Inclined Plane
  10.     Work Against Rolling Resistance (WRR) on Horizontal and Inclined Surfaces
  11.     Power Requirements for Rolling Resistance on Horizontal and Inclined Surfaces
  12.     Work and Power Requirements Against Elastic and Pressure Forces
  13.     Work and Power Requirements Against Inertial Forces
  14.     Conservation of Energy - Application to Mechanical Systems
  15.     Calculations Involving Handling, Moisture Management, and Storage
  16.     Insulation and Heat Flow Calculations
  17.     Properties of Air-Water Vapor Mixtures and Use of Psychrometric Chart
  18.     Heat Balance for Buildings Housing Livestock
  19.     Selection of Structural Members
  20.     Principles of Electricity
  21.     Calculations of Current and Voltage in a Resistor Network
  22.     Directional control valves disassembled, specific components identified,

Lab Activities

  1.     Spreadsheet Software: Tutorial Exercise and Spreadsheet Exercise
  2.     Spreadsheet Software: Tutorial Exercise No. 2
  3.     Spreadsheet Software: Calculation of Vectors by Method of Components
  4.     Spreadsheet Software: Application (Drawbar Power and Fuel Required for Moldboard
        Plowing at Different Speeds)
  5.     Spreadsheet Software: Application (Calculation of Work and Power Required for a
        Combination of Forces)
  6.     Spreadsheet Software: Application (Completion of Previous Exercise)
  7.     Spreadsheet Software: Application (Least-Cost Configuration of Cylindrical Storage
  8.     Calculation of Heat Gain or Loss Through Building Componenets
  9.     Spreadsheet Software: Fitting Curves to Experimental Data Points
  10.     Calculation of Heat Balance for Mechanically Ventilated Turkey Rearing Structure


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