General Course Outline

AGM 460/660: Electrical Systems

(topics may vary somewhat by semester)


  1.     Introduction, Overview of Utilities Used in Agriculture
  2.     Understanding Electricity and Electrical Terms
  3.     Determining Electrical Costs
  4.     Planning Farmstead Electrical Systems
  5.     Electrical Circuits and Wiring
  6.     Wiring Requirements for Livestock and Poultry Structures
  7.     Stray Voltage and Gfci Devices
  8.     Service Entrance Design - Residential
  9.     Service Entrance Design - Farmstead
  10.     Standby Electrical Power Generation
  11.     Farmstead/agribusiness Electrical Plan Design
  12.     Selection and Use of Electric Motors
  13.     Electric Motors Overload Protection and Controls
  14.     Determinig Electric Motor Drives
  15.     Farmstead Utility Systems

   Lab Activities

  1.     Electrical Safety and Using Electrical Measurement Equipment
  2.     Electrical Measurement and Determining Costs
  3.     Electric Energy Generation
  4.     Wiring Materials
  5.     Wiring Exercise (I)
  6.     Wiring Exercise (II)
  7.     Wiring Exercise (III)
  8.     Service Entrance Design and Layout
  9.     Designing a Farmstead/agribusiness Electrical Plan
  10.     How Electric Motors Start and Run
  11.     Electric Motor Selection and Wiring Exercise
  12.     Electric Motor Drive Systems
  13.     Farmstead Utility Systems (I)
  14.     Farmstead Utility Systems (II)


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