Quality Deer Management (WFB 415/615)

Course Description:
Quality deer management (QDM) is a stewardship philosophy that provides desirable hunting experiences by producing white-tailed deer herds with a balanced age and sex structure and population size appropriate for habitat conditions. The course will focus on the four cornerstones of QDM; herd management, habitat management, hunter management and herd monitoring.

Course Goals:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of white-tailed deer biology, herd management and habitat management.
  • Provide knowledge for integrating biological, economic, social and ethical considerations in QDM.
  • Provide experience in developing QDM strategies and plans.

Course Meeting and Teaching Procedure:
This course is an online course and you are not required to be on campus to enroll. It is taught during the Long Summer session and therefore is a 12 week course. However, this course will require you attend live sessions via the internet and therefore, you must have a high speed internet connection. All materials and assignments will be submitted electronically via email or other specified means. You MUST use your Clemson University userid for this class. All communications will be sent to your Clemson University student ID - no exceptions.

Deer Steward I Certification:
Students enrolled in WFB 415/615 that successfully complete the class with a grade of C or better will be eligible to apply for Deer Steward I certification through the Quality Deer Management Association.

Dr. Dave Guynn - Professor, Clemson University
Susan T. Guynn - Extension Associate, Clemson University