Michael S. Caterino

John C. and Suzanne E. Morse Chair in Arthropod Biodiversity
Director of the Clemson University Arthropod Collection

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Enviromental Sciences

E 254 P&A

Ph. D., Entomology, University of California, Berkeley – 1998
B. S., Biological Science, University of Mississippi - 1992

Research and instruction in arthropod biodiversity.
Curation of the university arthropod collection.
Promotion of public appreciation for the importance and diversity of arthropods.

Research interest:
My main research interests center on understanding the evolution of beetle diversity. I conduct local and regional biodiversity inventories, and attempt to understand the biogeographic history of regional beetle faunas. I study the distribution of genetic diversity within species to reveal the effects of abiotic factors on diversification and speciation. And I conduct taxonomic and phylogenetic research on selected beetles, with special emphasis on the family Histeridae, which are important predators in a variety of ecologically and economically significant systems.

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Professional society activity:
The Coleopterists Society – Past-President
The Entomological Society of America – Associate Editor, Annals of the ESA