Halina Knap

Professor Emeritus, Plant Genetics

Halina KnapEmail: hskrpsk@clemson.edu

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. University of Agriculture, Poznan, Poland

Research interest:
Research in my laboratory is directed toward integration of genetic and cellular information in order to understand the organization and regulation of genes in diploidized polyploid plant genomes. Polyploidy is the most frequent phenomenon in genome evolution of plant species, including cultivated species. In a cultivated species soybean, Glycine max, with polyploidy event in its evolution, duplicated chromosomal regions are a norm in the genome, and they might represent a significant source of functional divergence. Our interest concentrates on discovery of chromosomal regions in this species coding for genes that are utilized in both development and defense mechanisms. An understanding of the organization and functionality of the duplicated regions coding for genes involved in defense mechanisms, may provide means to improve responses to biotic and abiotic stresses.

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GEN 801, Cytogenetics
GEN 814, Advanced Genetics (team teaching)
PES 850, Agricultural Biotechnology