Agribusness majors succeed in the fieldAgribusiness majors take on leadership roles in helping South Carolina's $34 billion agriculture industry:

  • Increase efficiency.
  • Forge new markets.
  • Feed a growing world population.
  • Develop renewable sources of energy.
  • Ensure a safe food supply.
  • Maintain a healthy environment.

Agribusiness majors are educated in economic and business principles as applied in agribusiness enterprises. Core classes in the major focus on agribusiness economics and management, leadership, marketing and sales, finance, accounting, and business skill development.

Employment opportunities for graduates are many and diverse.  Private sector opportunities include national and international careers in agribusiness management, banking, finance, sales, marketing, and public relations.  Public sector opportunities include positions in organizations that promote food, agriculture, and natural resource interests; government agencies; and educational institutions.  Moreover, the curriculum design provides graduates with the skills necessary to successfully establish their own businesses. 

The curriculum also emphasizes training on globalization, information technology, and interdisciplinary skills needed to analyze the complex interrelationships between business, the environment and society.

Review the 2013-2014 Agribusiness curriculum worksheet 2013-2014 (PDF)

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