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Sandhill Research & Education Center

Sandhill Farmers Market

The Sandhill Farmers Market connects local farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs, and crafters with the community to increase awareness and support for local agriculture and entrepreneurship. Local produce and other agricultural products are offered weekly. The market provides educational opportunities for Clemson Extension, the Richland County Master Gardeners, and other organizations seeking to inform the community regarding their programs and services.

The Sandhill Farmers Market 2023 season begins Tuesday, May 2, at the Sandhill Research and Education Center (SREC) entrance, 900 Clemson Road in Columbia, SC 29229. It will operate most Tuesdays through October 31. The market will be closed on the Fourth of July and the day after Labor Day, September 5. The hours are 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm or dusk.


For up-to-date information, sign up for our electronic market newsletter, published weekly during the season.

What's In Season

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Vendor Information

To participate in the Sandhill Farmers Market, read and adhere to the Rules and Regulations contained herein, then complete and submit the 2023 Sandhill Farmers Market Vendor Application.

Vendors must operate in concert with all county, state, and federal regulations, the SCDA Food Safety and Compliance Program, and supply with your application a copy of any documentation required for selling your products.

A $25 application fee is required for your application's review. Complete and submit your application and payment for processing at least two weeks before you want to sell or by April 17 to sell on opening day. Direct questions to:

Stan Perry, Director of Special Projects
Clemson Sandhill Research and Education Center
900 Clemson Road – Columbia, SC 29229
Phone: 803-699-3187 direct line; 803-788-5700 main number
Fax: 803-736-4418

Sandhill Farmers Market Rules & Regulations

The Sandhill Farmers Market will open on Tuesday, May 2. It will operate most Tuesdays through October 31. (The market will be closed on the Fourth of July and the day after Labor Day, September 5.)

Market hours are 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm or dusk. Vendors should be in place by 1:30 pm. Set up begins at 12:15 pm. Enter passing the market office building to check in, receive your space assignment, and confirm your payment was received.

The market is located near the main entrance to the Clemson Sandhill Research and Education Center, 900 Clemson Rd., Columbia, SC 29229.

The market does not guarantee the marketability of the vendors' goods or the success of the vendors' efforts.

Neither the Sandhill Farmers Market, Sandhill Research and Education Center, nor Clemson University shall be responsible for any loss through theft, damage, or otherwise, of products or any private property while on the Clemson University property.

Participation in the Sandhill Farmers Market does not constitute an endorsement of the vendor or the products being sold by Clemson University.

The Sandhill Farmers Market Manager reserves the right to revoke a vendor's participation if the rules or regulations are violated. The Sandhill Farmers Market Manager reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations without prior notice.

  • General Rules

    All vendors must register with the market by submitting a completed application, any required documents, and their $25 seasonal association fee at least two weeks before participation. Registering or showing up on the day or week of the market is unacceptable. Vendors must keep their information current. Required documents must be submitted each year with the application. Each application is subject to review, and the applicant will be notified as to the status of their submission

    Vendors are not allowed to have pets at the market.

    Vendors will dress appropriately. Smoking is prohibited. Clemson is a tobacco-free campus as of January 1, 2016. No alcohol, illegal drugs, or firearms are allowed on the property. An adult must accompany children under 18.

    Vendors are responsible for handling complaints from their customers. For other complaints, please get in touch with the Market Manager.

    Vendors are expected to remain open during market hours. Arriving late or closing early can impact the vendor's ability to participate in the market.

    Weather Policy: The market will be canceled or temporarily suspended in any weather condition the Market Manager deems unsafe. Market-day questions should be directed to 803‐788‐5700.

    Vendors will treat other vendors respectfully and not interfere with customers standing at their site and actively transacting business.

    Hawking is prohibited. (selling aggressively, especially by calling out)

    Solicitations for products, services, or charitable contributions are not permitted without the express permission of the Sandhill Farmers Market Manager.

    Vendors may sell only products that the Market Manager has approved.

  • Licenses and Permits

    The vendor must research and comply with all federal, state, and local regulations governing the sale of their items. Products must be labeled, processed, and prepared in compliance with the SC Department of Agriculture, SC DHEC, SC DSS, and all other appropriate regulatory agencies.

    As required, licenses or permits shall be available for inspection.

    If selling livestock and livestock products (meat, dairy, fish, eggs, cheese, and products made from such) for human consumption, vendors must furnish proof of compliance with all appropriate regulations and evidence of their product liability insurance policy to the Market Manager with the application two weeks before desired selling date.

    The vendor must research and comply with all business and tax regulations to sell their items.

  • Products Offered

    Quality of Product: All items will be reviewed and must be safe and high-quality. Products that are bruised, discolored, undesirable, or damaged cannot be displayed.

    Vendors may offer agricultural products, produce, and plants that they have produced or grown themselves in SC, including products made from SC agricultural products that they produced or grown, (i.e., goat milk soap and beeswax candles). Vendors may also enhance their product selection by offering products for resale. Resale items should be marked. The Market Staff reserves the right to request a visit to a farm/garden/business. The market allows the participation of prepared food vendors. Food vendors must annually provide the required documents with the application and comply with all SCDA/DHEC regulations. Anyone cooking onsite must provide proof of product liability insurance. Vendors must provide their fresh water source, a hot water sink, and power.

    The market allows the participation of crafters and artisans. The Market Manager must approve products offered for sale.

    Items other than those outlined in this application are not allowed to be sold at the market except with the express permission of the Market Manager.

    Vendors may offer non-alcoholic beverages for sale. No glass bottles are allowed.

    The Market Manager reserves the right to refuse the sale of any item. All products sold during 2023 must be listed on the application for approval. New items for sale during the season must be approved before selling.

  • Space and Tents

    Vendors are required to sell their items from a table, not directly from a tailgate or trunk of a car. Items can be placed elsewhere or stored neatly in a truck, but a front table with appropriate coverage for transactions is required.

    One vehicle per standard space is allowed. Any larger or sales vehicle must be approved before being brought to market. If approved, a parking space will be designated.

    Sellers will maintain clean sites—no offensive odors from merchandise or generators (including noise). Vendors must keep their hands clean and preferably use food service gloves. Unless placed inside a cooler, like meats or eggs, all food items and their containers must be kept off the ground. The seller's trash must be collected and removed from the market. Do not leave discarded produce on the ground or in trash cans.

    Vendors must provide their scales, containers, bags, etc., to sell their goods. Scales are subject to inspection by SCDA.

    Vendors should furnish and set up their tents, 10 x 10 feet or smaller if needed. Selling spaces are marked and are approximately 10 x 10 feet but may vary slightly, depending on the landscape and location. Neither tents nor merchandise should extend over the boundaries of the selling space. Tents must be steady, in good condition, and well‐anchored. Trees or landscapes shall not be altered.

    The Market Manager reserves the right to move vendor spots or the entire market to enhance or facilitate market operations.

    Neither power nor water is available.

  • Vendor Fees

    The $25 annual application fee is due with the 2023 application.

    Vendors may be listed in the Farmers Market Newsletter.

    Each vendor must pay $15.00 a day for one/each selling space occupancy when paying weekly. Paying weekly with no commitment will be considered temporary.

    A discount is available when paying in advance. Cost per space with discount is:

    • Half season - $200.00 (15 consecutive weeks) (savings $25.00)
    • Entire season - $325.00 (25 weeks) (annual savings $50)

    Vendors are required to pay online before arrival. The vendor entrance passes in front of the market building.

  • Signage (Vendor provided)

    Vendors must have the proper signage. Signage must include the business name, vendor name, and location. The farm address where produce is grown should be used if different than the business address.

    Prices for all items are required and should be easily visible. Prices may be individually listed per container/display or on a large poster or marker board easily seen from all booth areas.

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