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If you prefer to complete a hardcopy of this form, you can download the counselor application.

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What experiences and/or skills do you feel you have to contribute to the Summer Program for Research Interns at Clemson University? Please include any emergency or medical certification (e.g., CPR, First Aid)

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Two letters of reference: one from University faculty/staff and one from a recent employer are required and must be submitted before your application is considered complete. Please list the names, relationship and email address of the people that will be writing a letter of reference on your behalf. Letters must be mailed or emailed directly to Cora Allard-Keese. Two university members are allowable if you have no recent employer.


To complete the application process, please submit a resume (including all past work experience, internships etc) to Cora Allard-Keese at Applications will be considered complete when resume and application are received.