Mentor FAQ

Intern with mentorWhat do I need to do when a potential intern contacts me?
Interview the intern. Make sure they know about your research project and it's work requirements. Discuss your lab's work schedule. Tell them about the students/lab staff they may work with. If you decide to accept this intern, he/she needs to know where you/your lab is, what time to report on the first day, whom to ask for, lab dress code, etc. At the end of your discussions, indicate that you need a decision (to accept the match) by the student by X date or you'll ask for another intern.
May I request an in-person interview?
Of course. Many interns drive to CU over their spring break for interviews. If you require an interview, please make that request/condition clear to the intern up front.

Must I accept the intern assigned to me?
No. If you do not feel comfortable with the intern match after interviewing him (via phone or in person), then let us know and we'll contact the Governor's School for you. Please let us know immediately so that the GSSM can attempt to get you another intern and find another mentor for the student.
What if you cannot be available for the entire six weeks period?
You may appoint a responsible graduate student, technician or other 'alternate mentor' to substitute for you during short absences. Some very successful project relationships have involved SPRI students working closely with advanced graduate students or technicians.