SC Life Interactive CD Series

The SC Life Interactive CD series has been developed to aid students and teachers in learning about various components of South Carolina ecosystems.  These interactive CDs are part of a constantly expanding set that explores the diversity of flora and fauna in the five physiographic regions of the state.  Each CD includes interactive identifications and information content modules, presented in  three or four of the following sections:

  • matching names to high quality images.  The names are dragged to the image and if the correct name is placed on the image, it remains in place. If incorrect, the name floats back to its starting point.

  • displays of high quality images with drop down information modules discussing distribution, habitat requirements, QuickTime video footage, descriptive characteristics and interesting comments.

  • displays of high quality images that have a space requesting the name of the species. The name must be spelled correctly for the system to proceed to the next image. If the name is misspelled 3 times, the correct name is displayed and the module proceeds to the next image.

  • displays of habitats and images of flora or fauna. The image of the species must be dragged to the correct habitat. If the correct habitat is chosen, the image remains in place; if an error is made, the image floats back to the starting point.

To date the SC Life Interactive CD Series includes the following titles:

  • Common Flowers of the Cove Forest

  • Common Salamanders of the Blue Ridge Region

  • Common Mammals of South Carolina.

  • Natural History and Identification of 14 Common Terrestrial Mammals found in South Carolina

  • Kingdom Plantae - Angiosperms

  • Kingdon Animalia - Invertebrates

  • Kingdom Animalia - Vertebrates 1

CDs are available, free of charge while supplies last, to South Carolina middle and high school teachers. To request a CD, send a letter on school stationary or from your school email account to: Ginger Foulk, SC Life Project Office, Biological Sciences, 132 Long Hall, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-0314. Include your school name and mailing address.

SC Life materials are available for use only in non-profit educational activities. Any other uses, including activities involving fees for instruction and/or materials, must receive permission from the SC Life Project Director.