Leona Ransdell

Leona Ransdell earned a degree in Animal Vet Science with a concentration in Equine Business from Clemson and is now involved with 4-H programs in Virginia. Read more about her time at Clemson and what she does today below!

 How did you choose Clemson?

I was a third generation Clemson student, so I had strong family influence when deciding to attend Clemson. However, my involvement in 4-H really sealed the deal for me and attending the SC Commissioners School for Agriculture was a big factor as it showed me life on campus!

Headshot of alumni Leona Ransdell.

 How did you choose your major?

I always loved animals and growing up on a dairy farm with an uncle that was a veterinarian, I always knew that I would be involved in the animal industry. I became involved in the 4-H Horse Program and I found my true love in the equine industry. While I started out Pre-Vet at Clemson, I came to the decision to switch the Equine Business through the encouragement of the faculty.

What is the most important lesson or experience you had in college?

The most important lesson I had was deciding on a major. I was very undecided as a Pre-Vet major and was nervous to switch to Equine Business. I was encouraged to do what I loved and knew that if I worked hard I would succeed on any path that I chose.

How did your education at Clemson prepare you for your career path?

It truly prepared me for being involved in the 4-H industry. There were so many options for external involvement that directed my career path to be exactly what I wanted.

What advice do you have for current students or alumni hoping to pursue a career in your field?

Be involved. Do not just count on your grades to allow you to get where you are going. Being involved in 4-H is so much more about your experience. Get out there, find what you love doing and work for it.

What is the most significant thing that's happened to you since graduating?

Being named the Equine Youth Program Associate at Virginia Tech for the state of Virginia.

This has been edited for length and clarity.