Annie Borlik

Annie Borlik is a senior horticulture major with a minor in landscape design from Indiana. She lived in Charleston for 20 years before she came to Clemson after deciding to change career paths. She attained an internship with Metrolina Greenhouse regarding research and design of floriculture. 

What is your major?

I grew up in a mid-western farming community, but my first career choice was medicine. I worked as a paramedic for 20 years before deciding to return to my roots and study horticulture.Headshot image of spotlight student Annie Borlik in front of green tree.

 How did you attain the internship you had?

During a class, Dr. Faust made the announcement that the internship was available. I applied directly on the Metrolina Greenhouse website via their internship posting. 

What is the biggest lesson you took away from your internship?

The biggest lesson that I took away from the internship was that floriculture is a vast, ever changing industry governed by the desires of the consumer, which encompasses everything from the development of new cultivars, to the testing of these new cultivars, to the growing and finishing of floral crops and even to the marketing of new floral varieties.

What is your dream job?

My dream job within the Floriculture industry, would fall within the auspices of research and development, to the development of new species cultivars, to the testing of the hardiness of existing floral cultivars and to run experiments that manipulate the factors of the growing process in order to achieve premium results. 

Who in your field do you look up to or admire?

Anyone, be it novice or master that is passionate about the horticulture industry as a whole.

What is something you are passionate about outside of the classroom?

Lifelong learning.

Any advice to current or prospective students?

Embrace your intuition as well as the science.

This has been edited for length and clarity.