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Clemson promotes diversity in sport through golf camp for African American women

Clemson’s PGA golf management program promoted academic and sports diversity through a golf camp designed for African American women. The camp ran from June 26 thru June 30th and hosted nine high school students from across the country interested in higher education academics and sports. Read more>>>

Congratulations to the following individuals who received College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences awards this year. Their hard work on behalf of the department contributes to our strong reputation on campus. The recognition they received as a result of their awards reflects well on the work done by all our students, staff and faculty.

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences Awards

  • Alexis Ward (staff) - 2017 Outstanding Student Service Award
  • Ed Bowers (faculty) - 2017 Award of Excellence in Research (Emerging Scholar)
  • Dart Schmalz (faculty) - 2017 Award for Excellence Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Jeff Hallo (faculty) - 2017 Graduate Student Mentoring Award
  • Lauren Duffy (faculty) - 2017 Excellence for Innovation
  • Gwynn Powell (faculty) - 2017 Excellence for Innovation
  • Ryan Gagnon (grad student) - 2017 Outstanding Doctoral Degree Candidate Research Award (read more>)
  • Nate Shipley (grad student) - 2017 Outstanding Master’s Degree Research Assistant Award
  • Emma Pappas (undergrad) - 2017 Undergraduate Emerging Leadership Award

Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Management Awards

  • Nelson Cooper - Outstanding Alumnus Award (Academic)
  • Michael Cooper - Outstanding Alumnus Award (Practitioner)
  • Jennifer Hinton - Distinguished Service Award
  • Katherine Elizabeth Byram, Catalina Carr, Hailey Hunter, Sally McKenzie, Natalie Montoya, Liz Murray, Grace Orders, Jordan Slagle, Liam Snyder, Bailey Stokes, Hope Warren, Abigail Wiles, Madison Workman - Academic Excellence Recognition
  • Caitlin Cannon, Tori Cooper, Madeline Nance, Samantha Stevenson - Academic Achievement Awards (Junior)
  • Emma Pappas - Academic Achievement Awards (Senior)
  • Katherine Elizabeth Byram, Grace Orders, Emma Pappas - Departmental Honors Graduates Recognition
  • Amanda Nelson - Award for Excellence in Recreational Therapy
  • Emma Pappas - Parks and Conservation Area Management Founders & Leaders Award
  • Jordan Whitehead - Award for Excellence in Community Recreation, Sport and Camp Management
  • Max Lerner - Award for Excellence in Professional Golf Management
  • Katherine Elizabeth Byram - Award for Excellence in Travel and Tourism
  • Ollie Burns - South Carolina Travel and Tourism Student Award
  • Brittany Dickerson and Bailey Parker - Stevenson-Smith-Lovett Awards
  • Catalina Carr and Madeline Chandler - Dr. Judith E. Voelkl Memorial Scholarship
  • Devin Yarlett - Greg Schoper Leadership Award
  • Emma Pappas - Bert and Johnnie Brantley Outstanding Student Award
  • Allan Hill and Hailey Hunter - Lawrence R. Allen Engaged Future Professionals Award
  • Derrick Shoffner - Marsha A. Ward ’79 Fellowship for Play
  • Ryan Gagnon, Nathan Shipley, Brett Stayton, Kellie Walters, and Sarah Wilcer - Graduate Student Awards of Excellence
  • Li-Hsin Chen, Gina Depper, and Garrett Stone - Francis A. McGuire Graduate Student Teaching Award

University Awards

  • Kellie Walters (grad student) - Outstanding Teaching Assistant; Graduate Student Government; Outstanding Women's Commission Award
  • Mikah Jones (staff) - Outstanding Women's Commission Award