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PRTM Programs and Events


Clemson Adaptive Sport and Recreation

Clemson University is working towards becoming a national leader in the study of effective adaptive sports and recreation programs. Find out how, including information on intercollegiate and other athletic programs. › More


The PRTM EDGE Program is a semester-long (15 credit hour) integrated core curriculum experience that takes a collaborative and unique approach to the delivery of core PRTM content. During the PRTM EDGE semester, students are involved in multiple opportunities to learn content through the use of innovative teaching methods, undergraduate research, real world experiences and experiential learning.  › More

Resources for Faith-Based Youth Groups During COVID-19

Access resources developed to help youth workers in faith-based settings identify the challenges teens are facing in light of COVID-19 and provide insight for supporting and reassuring those teens during this trying time. A webinar was held on April 9, 2020 for all paid staff and volunteers who are currently working with youth through their faith-based organization, with future webinars to follow. The goal of these discussions is to provide these workers with tips and resources they can use to help guide their youth through this difficult moment.  › More

Leisure Skills

The Clemson University Leisure Skills Program believes that individuals can advance their lives both personally and professionally through involvement in recreation. With that in mind, our mission is to serve the educational, recreational and personal development needs of Clemson University students through the teaching of leisure and life skill activities. › More

Momentum Bike Clubs

Momentum Bike Clubs provides group mentoring services based on principles of positive youth development to children who may have multiple risk factors. The program is premised on the belief that children with multiple risk factors, including persistent poverty, parental incarceration, and/or instability in home life, are more likely to thrive when they live in communities that are inclusive and supportive of them and their caregivers. › More

PRTM Student Association

The Clemson University Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Student Association (PRTMSA) is dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities for its students. The association puts on numerous activities for the students to enrich their experiences within the department. › More

Pre-Collegiate Program

Clemson University’s Pre-Collegiate Programs Office (PcPO) is commissioned by the president of Clemson University to support a high-quality, safe environment for children that participate in programs affiliated with our University. The PcPO takes a proactive approach to protecting children and the employees, faculty and staff of the University. The PcPO also works with colleges, departments and external clients to provide general guidance and support or to arrange every programming detail for youth programs by coordinating housing, meals, publicity, pre-registrations, registrations, financial management, transportation and facilities. › More 

REYSE Collaboratory

The Race, Ethnicity, Youth and Social Equity (REYSE) Collaboratory at Clemson University is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and community scholars that conduct research and provide programming to improve the lives of racial and ethnic youth living in diverse communities. Collaboratory members work with government agencies and local, state and national organizations to design and implement equity-centered initiatives, research, training and organizational change solutions focused on achieving social equity, using a social justice youth development framework. › More 

Study Abroad

Clemson Study Abroad provides operational support to student engagement programs outside of the U.S. that contribute to Clemson University’s missions, goals and emphasis areas. The office works to enhance the University’s international focus through the development of activities, programs, exchanges and events that foster global and intercultural awareness, knowledge and understanding among faculty, staff and students. Study Abroad and other global engagement opportunities expand the learning environment beyond the classroom into unique and often challenging cultural contexts. Through such engagement students enhance their disciplinary training, professional development, cultural understanding and personal growth. › More

Summer Courses

We have expanded our summer course offerings! These courses could be of interest to undergraduate students that: 

  • Have internships or practicums that are being pushed into the academic year, as taking courses in the meantime can help them stay on track for graduation.
  • Want to get a head start on programs such as EDGE or other courses they need for their degree.
  • Are interested in exploring a possible minor in another concentration over the summer months. 
If you're not sure which summer courses are right for you, contact your advisor. › More

PRTM Events

Annual Honors and Awards Program

The Department annually holds an honors and awards banquet to recognize the accomplishments of its students. The banquet is held on the Friday of the University’s honors and awards week.

Conference on the Value of Play

The Conference on the Value of Play is an annual educational conference presented by the U.S. Play Coalition. The latest research and practices in the field of play is presented at the conference, which brings together leading play researchers, leaders and advocates from across the U.S. and beyond. The event includes keynote and featured speakers, roundtables, educational sessions, grant opportunities, networking, EPIC play breaks and more. › More

Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice is a safe place to provide adolescent girls with the opportunity to foster self-esteem, self-expression and self-efficacy by engaging in outdoor recreational activities and educational health seminars. It's a weekend camp open to girls in grades six through eight. This camp is free and includes lodging, meals and activities such as yoga, kayaking, self-defense and rock climbing. › More

George B. Hartzog Jr. Awards and Lecture Series

The Hartzog Fund was conceived in 1978 when colleague William C. Everhart and his wife, Mary, sought to honor the man who had meant so much to them and to the park movement in the United States. Everhart, after serving as alumni visiting professor at Clemson in 1978, chose to honor Hartzog by presenting a financial gift to the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management in Hartzog's name. The Everharts' gift, along with donations from foundations, associates and friends, is used to promote departmental educational activities. › More

Internship/Career and Camp Job Fair

We love having internship and employment opportunities for our students. Please send us position descriptions for internship placements and job postings you may have. We will broadcast them to our students by email and post them online (see Employment/Internship Opportunities). › More