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Donate to the YDL Scholarship Fund

Many of you began the M.S. YDL Program taking Foundations of Youth Development with Dr. Larry Allen. If you are a more recent graduate, your experience nonetheless was influenced by Dr. Allen who was a leader in creating and building this degree program. An award in his name has been established to provide scholarship and professional opportunities to M.S. YDL students to strengthen the field of youth development through leadership and service to the field.. We ask you to consider a donation to The Lawrence R. Allen Professional Contributions to the Field of Youth Development Leadership Award in his honor to assist our M.S. YDL students in pursuing their own productive careers in the field.

You can do so at and make a secure online gift. It works… I have done it! Click on the ‘other’ category and enter in: Dean Lawrence R. Allen Professional Contributions to Youth Development Leadership Award.

If you wish to pay by mail you can send a check payable to Clemson University and note the program name and Cubs number on your check. The CUBS # is 2100970. Finally, you can pay by phone with a credit card at 864 656-5896 and also provide the program name and CUBS Number.

Our faculty are committed to supporting the professional opportunities of our graduates through collaborations on program development and evaluation. Along with our current collaborations with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, we are involved with M.S. YDL graduates in collaborating with them on their program initiatives in their professional work environments. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have an interest in our involvement on one of your projects.