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Internship Manual

Clemson PGA Golf ManagementMission of the PGA Golf Management Internship Program

The aim of co-op training is to provide future PGA professionals with practical experience in a setting where learning is the chief objective. The experience should be comprehensive and positive in nature and designed to help insure the eventual success of the intern.

At the end, each student will have:

  • Developed a concept of the integration of theory and practice;
  • Gained knowledge and leadership experience;
  • First-hand experience in golf operation management;
  • Gained knowledge of weak and strong professional areas and behaviors;
  • Determined a degree of commitment to the golf industry; and
  • Developed a refined understanding of human relations and the ability to get along with people.

The cooperative efforts of the student, the University and the golf facility are directed towards making these objectives a reality.

Facility Considerations

In accepting an intern, the facility is helping to prepare future leaders in the golf industry by assisting the University in producing individuals better qualified for responsible positions. The facility must have a desire to participate in this educational process and be willing to cooperate with the University in preparing these future PGA professionals.

Benefits of Cooperative Learning to the Student

  1. Provides the graduates of professional curricula with a better insight into the management of golf operations and programs. Hence, they enter the field more aware of their roles and responsibilities; and
  2. Provides a mechanism whereby the profession can screen future PGA members before their employment.

Benefits of Hiring Student Interns to the Facility

  1. Contributes to the education and preparation of future professionals;
  2. Allows the facility to enhance its operation through the use of student and university resources;
  3. Ability to benchmark operations with what has been learned in the classroom;
  4. Stimulates the facility’s professional staff and strengthens the overall operation; and
  5. Provides the facility with the opportunity to evaluate prospective staff candidates

Facility Selection and Student Placement

The University is responsible for the review and selection of internship sites, and ultimately the approval of students to the golf facilities. When feasible, we encourage a facility representative to visit the campus and interview prospective students as a part of the placement process.

Financial Considerations

The University encourages the facility to pay the student a wage sufficient to cover modest living expenses in the area. This may be expressed in dollars per hour, week or month. It may include lodging with a stipend to cover food, travel and uniforms where necessary. In short, the student should at least meet expenses for the duration of his/her internship. The student is normally expected to pay all tuition and fees and the cost of transportation to and from the facility location.

Student Supervision

It is requested that the supervisor have weekly meetings with the student to discuss definite means to help the student gain work experiences and information not usually obtained in general staff meetings or while working on the job. This part of the internship should also help the student understand the total concept of the facility through the discussion of actual problems and situations in the operation. During these meetings, assistance may also be given to the student regarding PGA/PGM work experience activities required by the PGA.

Suggested areas to be covered:

Administration (as appropriate) -- The student should study and observe the policies and practices of the golf operation. This would include experiences in budgeting and record keeping, personnel and supervisory practices and general staff relations.

Golf Program Services -- The student should gain practical experience in a broad range of golf program services to include tournament operations, teaching and coaching, golf car fleet maintenance and merchandising.

General Experiences (where applicable) -- The student should gain experience in dealing with public or member relations concerns and attend golf committee or community meetings.

Facility Responsibilities

  1. Before placement, provide the PGA golf management director with a copy of the internship agreement letter that offers the student an internship position with the golf facility. It should include the starting date, end date, a description of the student’s responsibilities and work experiences anticipated, compensation, and the title of the supervisor appointed to work with the student.
  2. Appoint a supervisor to work with the student.
  3. Provide a variety of experiences appropriate to the facility, which should not include more than 50 percent of the student’s time working in outside operations such as bag room and cart staff activities.
  4. Present the student to your staff in such a manner as to insure high professional status.
  5. The supervisor should meet with the student once a week to discuss the performance of the student.
  6. Immediately call the PGA golf management director if the performance or behavior of the student is unsatisfactory and/or detrimental to the program.
  7. Submit a mid-internship report concerning the student’s progress and send it to the PGA golf management assistant director.
  8. After the student completes his or her internship, promptly fill out the student evaluation form provided and send it to the PGA golf management assistant director.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Before placement, the student will meet with the PGA golf management assistant director to review all PGA/PGM work experience activities.
  2. Report to the golf facility on the date specified by the facility.
  3. Become immediately acquainted with the structure, operation, functions and policies of the facility.
  4. Conduct all actions, both on and off the job, in a professional manner.
  5. Be properly groomed and appropriately dressed on all occasions. When in doubt ask the supervisor.
  6. Meet with your supervisor at least once a week to discuss progress and job performance.
  7. Promptly seek help from your supervisor if problems arise.
  8. Promptly submit a weekly activity report to the PGA golf management administrative assistant.
  9. Fill out a mid-term site progress report online and submit to the PGA golf management administrative assistant.
  10. Fill out the site evaluation form, summary report and post-internship review form with the PGA golf management assistant director following the conclusion of the internship.

PGM Program Responsibilities

  1. The director of the PGA golf management program will conduct a thorough evaluation of each internship site before placement. A written evaluation of each facility will be on file.
  2. Be responsible for selection and evaluation of internship sites.
  3. Serve as a mediator for problems that cannot be resolved between the intern and site supervisor.
  4. Before placement, initiate an agreement stipulating the specific intern experiences anticipated for each student. This agreement must be validated in writing by the host professional, the school, and the student before placement.
  5. Develop an agreement with the student and internship site for facilitation and completion of PGA/PGM work experience activities.
  6. Approve the student’s placement based on his/her PGA/PGM work experience activity and learning needs.
  7. Prepare the student for his/her work with the facility.
  8. Investigate negative site evaluations by students before future placements.
  9. Determine student’s grade after receiving evaluation from facility supervisor and review of PGA/PGM work experience assignments.
  10. Remove the student from a facility when either the facility or student is not suited to the program. A student will receive a failing grade if they are negligent in their duties or exhibit conduct that reflects badly on the University during employment.
  11. Visit internship sites when available to observe students in field training.

Internship Agreement Letter

Before placement, an internship agreement letter must be signed by the facility supervisor, the student and the PGA golf management director indicating duties and responsibilities to be performed by the student during the internship. The following should also be included: the duration of the internship by indicating the start and end date, compensation, housing arrangements and any additional benefits.

Supervising Professional's Guide to the PGA of America's PGA Golf Management Program