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Player Development


The PGA golf management program at Clemson University is being discontinued. As a result, the program is no longer accepting new student applications. If you have questions please contact  

Clemson PGA Player DevelopmentClemson University PGA golf management students who have not passed the PAT will be required to participate in the Player Development Program. The Player Development Program will be devoted to PAT preparation and is designed to prepare students to pass the PAT as early in the program as possible. Each student will meet with the PGA golf management faculty at the beginning of each semester to evaluate their golf game and develop a plan of action for improvement. Throughout the semester, the director, assistant director, player development coordinator and Walker Course golf professional staff will assist students in their quest to become better golfers.

The player development program will be a semester-long course directed and supervised by the PGA golf management staff. Once a PGA golf management program student has passed the PAT, they will no longer be required to participate in the player development program. At the beginning of each semester, the student will be placed into a player development section, based on class schedule. The section will serve as a dedicated day and time with a dedicated professional to offer instruction. Attendance is mandatory for all sessions.

  • The program will include a full-swing evaluation, a tailored practice program and individual instruction to best serve each student.
  • The program will include full-swing instruction, scoring, short-game and on-course instruction.
  • Students may be required to complete practice assignments as well as turn in scores to the instructor.
  • The student must play in at least three PGA GM tournaments per semester as well as participate in at least one PAT per semester.
  • The student will continue to be enrolled each semester in the player development program until the PAT is passed.

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