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Prospective PGA Golf Management Students

The PGA Golf Management Program in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Department (PRTM) at Clemson University provides a unique educational background for students who desire to become PGA professionals. Students obtain specialized knowledge and preparation to be leaders in the golf industry. The PGA golf management curriculum provides an academic program that develops well-rounded, service-oriented golf professionals who can meet and respond to the personal as well as business management requirements of golf facilities. The combination of skills and knowledge acquired in the program augment the golf professional's success as a manager and advocate for the game. Further, because of the unique resources of Clemson University, graduates will have a greater understanding of environmental and recreational issues as they relate to golf operations, and the ability to promote and expand golf to youth, women, minorities and those with disabilities.

A student seeking admission into the PGA golf management program must first meet all Clemson University entrance requirements. Clemson University has a sliding admission requirement involving a combination of a student's SAT/ACT scores, high school GPA, and high school rank. The PGA Golf Management Program will then accept approximately 20-25 students per year. To be admitted into the program, each applicant also must demonstrate evidence of a playing proficiency reflected in a handicap of eight or better. Each student's handicap must be verified by a member of the PGA of America or by a high school golf coach. Download the Handicap Verification Form or complete the form online.

The PGA Golf Management Program at Clemson is under the direction of Mr. Rick Lucas, a faculty member in the PRTM department. Rick Lucas, director of the program, has a master's degree in business and is a PGA professional. Mr. Lucas has over 20-years experience in the golf industry with extensive knowledge in management of golf programs and operations. If you would like the opportunity to meet with Mr. Lucas, you can set up an appointment by calling 864-656-0112 or by email at

Please click here to express interest and receive additional information regarding the Clemson University PGA Golf Management program.